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Review: Power Season 4 - Things Are Going To Get Worse

Review: Power Season 4 - Things Are Going To Get Worse

“No thanks. Being on camera ain’t my thang.” – Jerry Donovan

Isn’t it ironic that Ghost/James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) is being held in jail with a phantom murder charge? Power Season 4 Episode 2, Things Are Going To Get Worse lived up to its title. Ghost is struggling because the “power” he so desperately craves is being 10 steps ahead of everyone, and right now he’s stuck behind bars.

Tasha St. Patrick (Naturi Naughton) is home left to deal with the reality that Ghost didn’t get bail & will be in jail for the foreseeable future. I specifically use the term reality because while Angela (Lela Loren) has always maintained that Jamie was great at selling a fantasy, Tasha can’t afford that luxury, as she is always the one to deal with the reality of his actions.

I fully expected Tommy (Joseph Sikora) to become unhinged when LaKeisha (La La Anthony) tells him he doesn’t understand her concerns because he doesn’t have any children. At that moment I could have sworn the thought of Tommy killing Holly (Lucy Walters) & their unborn child was going to send him over the edge but we see a compassionate side to him, which we’ve never really seen outside of his relationship with Ghost’s family. I predicted Tommy & LaKeisha were going to end up having sex in my review of When I Get Out, and without looking at social media I can almost guarantee the Melo jokes have started because everybody is boring, corny & predictable.

The Angie/Jamie love story is fucking exhausting. I’m over it; I can’t wait till both of them get put on the stand & hear/see how stupid the other looks over a goddamn high school sweetheart relationship. Seriously, you telling me neither of them had Facebook or LinkedIn? Not for nothing, it’s getting increasingly harder for me to watch Charlie Murphy on this show looking like a shell of his former self & knowing that he’s passed on, again I hope his family & friends have found peace.

Cristobal (Matt Cedeño) is out here acting scary because Ghost is in jail, and Tommy is getting sick & tired of people disrespecting him because Ghost isn’t around. So I sense more resentment towards Ghost than anything, especially when Julio (J.R. Ramirez) mentions how he owes Ghost. Speaking of Cristobal & Julio, why doesn’t Cristobal take Julio seriously? In season 2 he passed on Julio’s offer to be a primera. Also, why haven’t Julio or Cristobal’s last names been revealed? Also, Cristobal looks A LOT like Mike Sandoval (David Fumero) & it wouldn’t surprise me if we found out they were related down the line.

When did Ghost become a ninja? He broke Biscuit’s (Guyviaud Joseph who happens to be a Haitian man!) hand with the slightest touch, and couple that with how he took the gun from Shawn (Sinqua Walls) in season 2, Ghost just might be a descendant of Bruce Leroy. We obviously have to keep an eye out for Tony Teresi (William Sadler) as his wife, Connie Teresi (Mercedes Ruehl) is battling terminal cancer & he could end up giving the people information to nail Ghost. Interesting side note, in Entourage, Mercedes Ruehl played Vincent Chase’s (Adrian Grenier) mother, and of course Joseph Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) played Turtle on the same show, could it be that Vince’s dad was never around because he was in jail? There’s always a thread amongst popular shows but this is bullshit & I just found it funny. Moving along…

Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) is ruining Truth the same way he’s ruining his life, by playing 2 sides. Moving drugs in a club that has already had a drug overdose & shooting incident in it isn’t very smart but neither is Dre. The way the scene where the drugs were being moved reminded me of how State Property 2 was shot in some spot with the quick camera, and the exaggeration of some still shots.

The keyword in this episode is camera. Joseph Proctor gets on camera to play the race card, to which Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson) believes the prosecution should counter by trotting Jerry Donovan (Ty Jones) out to make a statement, which takes me back to the quote I started this scribe with, “No thanks. Being on camera ain’t my thang.” This quote speaks volumes because later we see the feds serve a search warrant at Truth & Mike plants the murder weapon in Ghost’s office. Here is the thing…Jerry asked Dre to shut the cameras off, which he may or may not have done before Mike planted the gun BUT more importantly, Ghost is the only person with access to shut the cameras in his office off. Mike Sandoval is going to learn, “being on camera ain’t my thing” is going to kick him in his ass later this season. Keeping with the “camera” theme, Tasha busted up a paparazzo’s camera while dropping Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) & Raina (Doshea Hopkins) off at school. This is where I started to look ahead; nobody knows Kanan (Curtis Jackson) is alive, but if the paparazzi are going to be following the St. Patrick family everywhere…they’ll tail dumbass Tariq on one of his excursions with “Slim” & capture a picture of him with Kanan.

Putting a tail on Tommy is quite possibly the dumbest thing the feds could have done, especially with Proctor as his lawyer because Proctor has Intel from all over their building, including a bailiff by the name of Charlie, who happened to have a nametag that read, “C. Jackson” an obvious nod to Curtis Jackson. Now Tommy gives his beloved car to his mom & will let her take them on a wild goose chase, but my fear is that she will end up saying something out of pocket about Ghost, like calling him Ghost to the feds.

With the death penalty now in play for Ghost if convicted, Angie is obviously going to help save his life & unearth his innocence. The reoccurring theme being that James/Jamie/Ghost is not stupid enough to ever leave a murder weapon in his office. This will start to put Angie’s mind in motion, as her emotions (her biggest gift & curse) will help James/Ghost/Jamie. Angie will remember Greg Knox (Andy Bean) pulled Jamie over the night of his death, hence having his DNA on his fingers, Angie will the remember the sound of the helicopter in their federal building as she called Lobos’ (Enrique Murciano) inside man, and this will all be capped off she sees Mike on…camera.

The end of the episode was a callback to Tommy asking Ghost for help after he killed Holly when he says, “help me.” I understand the sentiment that should have been there but imagine me feeling bad for Ghost after all the bullshit he’s pulled during the series? Ghost is being haunted & deserves it.

Looking ahead, I don’t think Felipe Lobos is dead because we did not see him murdered on screen & he was wearing the same vest that saved Greg Knox’s life during the ambush; maybe I’m reaching here but I feel like he’s being tried under the failed John Doe prosecution the feds attempted in season 3, and nobody in Angela’s office has any clue. I feel as if Lobos will be called to testify but refuses to do so. There’s also Simon Stern, who I believe will also be called to testify during Ghost’s trial, along with Karen Bassett (Ivana Milicevic) & Kantos (Adam Huss).

Everything about Power feels great this season, the writing, the acting, the EVERYTHING. I’m looking forward to seeing how things unfold, and hey…maybe Ghost gets found guilty & goes to death row. Before I go, quick question that I need answered: What was the purpose of Pink Sneakers (Leslie Lopez) wearing pink sneakers? If I were a murdered I would switch my footwear so they wouldn’t see me coming, but that’s just me. Until next week, Power to the people…when you see me, see you.


4:44 - Thank You, JAY-Z (Again)

4:44 - Thank You, JAY-Z (Again)

Verses: Kill Jay Z

Verses: Kill Jay Z