Coeur Noir - Paperback

Coeur Noir - Paperback


Coeur Noir is an autofiction novel written by Al Patron. The title is Haitian Creole for black heart or heart of black, in reference to the traits of the main protagonist, Nikolas Daniel...who may or may not be based on Al Patron himself. A coming of age novel Coeur Noir will evoke emotional reactions ranging from but not limited to crying & laughter, all while detailing a path to greatness for Al Pa...pardon...Nikolas Daniel.

Foreword by Felonious Munk & Afterword by Cole Frayer

210 Pages

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1. Foreword feat. Felonious Munk An intro written by one of the realest  & most relatable comedians of our generation.

2. My Brother’s Keeper The genesis of Nikolas Daniel becoming a juvenile delinquent into a habitual offender of all authority.

3. Behind the Wall Getting caught up, and upholding the code that most in “the life” see it as a rite of passage.

4. Takeover If you bark up a tree and it falls on you, it’s probably pissed off.

5. I Don’t Know Shit About Women What fucking man does?

6. War of a Sociopath The purpose of war is peace, and when your mind is not at peace, well...

7. Suspicious Minds Having to be trustworthy in a world full of disloyalty can lead to conclusions drawn outside the line when using your third eye.

8. No Forecast You ever been caught in the rain without an umbrella? You probably said, “They didn’t say it was going to rain today.” Now imagine that every fucking day.

9. Nirvana or Hell Nobody alive knows what happens when we die, so why tell anyone how to live? Think about it.

10. Afterword feat. Cole Frayer An outro written by the human Swiss army knife Cole Frayer.