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Knicks sign Noah, 2011 NBA Championship Imminent

Knicks sign Noah, 2011 NBA Championship Imminent

The Knicks apparently have come to an agreement with Joakim Noah on a 4 year, 72 million-dollar contract.

I don't know whether or not Joakim Noah can still play basketball at a high level. He has a variety of different factors working against him like his age, injuries and recent performance. That didn't stop the Knicks from giving him 4 fully guaranteed years that I'm not sure anyone else was going to give him.

Something like this is why I was pissed off about the Derrick Rose trade. As shitty as Rose has been the last couple of years it was about more than just him. If I felt like the Knicks would take that chance this year and leave it as such, it would still be bad but an easier pill to swallow. I just felt like an immediate move that was hard to rationalize (I'll put it kindly) was coming up next. And lo and behold, here we are.

Is Joakim Noah a bad basketball player? No. Does he bring some things to the table that a professional basketball team can really use? Yes. Is his body holding up a concern? Yes. Do we even know what his ceiling is? Do we know what his floor is? Is he an impact player? N/A

I'm going to keep harping on Robin Lopez, not because I think he's some great center. He's a free agent signing the Knicks made that actually made sense and his 3 years for 41 million looks like even more of a bargain given that Timofey Mozgov just got 64 million. But even if you don't care for Lopez, explain to me what sense it makes to trade him for the big, bad, vaunted cap space and then use a decent chunk of said cap space over a long period of time on a guy who is a slight upgrade (at BEST) at the same position?

What sense does it make to lock this guy up for four years when your potential future franchise player should be playing the same position?

According to Chris Herring (one of the best writers in the business, shout out to him), people within the organization are cool with the signing because Noah can transition to backing up Porzingis rather easily. That begs the follow up question and excuse my French but:


And another question.. Who the hell else was going to give Joakim Noah, fresh off that brutal season he just had, four fully guaranteed years? I really don't think Phil Jackson understands market value and ends up doing shit exactly like this as a result.

In the year 2016, where everyone is trying to be more like the Warriors, the Knicks are trying to be the 2011 Bulls five year later. Never mind the fact that the Bulls didn't win a damn thing being built that way. In a league where floor spacing is at a premium and teams are treating non threats like people who have the Zika virus, the Knicks are are going to pay $39 million for two dudes who can't shoot worth a damn.

In 2016, a team who has Kristaps Porzingis not only made Joakim Noah their number one priority, but then gave him four years. And on top of that, Noah's deal runs a year longer than Carmelo's. It leads me back to a mentality that has permeated all throughout this organization for basically my whole adult life. Putting Derrick Rose, a 31 year old and possibly more 30 year olds around Kristaps Porzingis accomplishes what exactly? Who is here for him to grow with? Who is here that can *possibly* be here as Kristaps approaches his prime years? I'll let Keith Sweat handle the answer to that question.

"The Knicks don't rebuild. The people in this town wouldn't have time for that. This isn't s rebuilding team. We are close"

First of all, the amount of arrogance and hubris that comes from a fan base and organization who have the second worst record in basketball since 2001 is amazing. Second of all, when the alternative is trying and failing at the same shit for a decade and a half why not rebuild. Third, being a slave to what fans may or may not want is a ridiculous way to run a damn franchise. Either way, most of the fan base takes the pee on their heads and acts like it’s fresh water, so there’s no need to change in that regard. No matter who the President, the GM, the coach are the team is pretty much run the same. It’s the same old tired “build through FA and eventually end up signing guys who used to be good” strategy that has worked so well for the last 15 years to the tune of the second most losses in the NBA.

The Knicks have been masturbating to guys with name value for a long time and that trend continues. Will this work out?  I don't know, time will tell. From my vantage point, it just looks like the Knicks are trying their damndest to get the 4 seed in the Eastern Conference. What that accomplishes when you still have nobody young enough to be long-term partners with Porzingis? I don’t know. I don't really know what the end game is here and as usual the Knicks just seem to be throwing shit against a wall and hoping it sticks. Here's to hoping for a shitty wall in April. At least the Knicks will be legitimately great in NBA 2k17.

Friendly reminder: Joakim Noah plays with Carmelo Anthony. Joakim Noah also made 41% of his layups last year. Those two are going to combine for so many missed layups.

Charles Smith is rolling over in his grave.

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