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Looking Ahead: 2017 NBA Season

Looking Ahead: 2017 NBA Season

Since the 2015-2016 is over along with free agent frenzy, the question is what can we expect for next season? Well, history was made in finals by the Cavs winning their first championship, the city of Cleveland having their first title in 52 years, and the Warriors told us the biggest bald headed lie in 7 games. Weeks after, free agency starts, and Kevin Durant signs with Golden State, look man, its his decision, he can do whatever he wanna do right? You can't get mad about him wanting a ring, BUT to join the team that you had a 3-1 advantage in the Western Conference Finals, champs last year, won 73 games this season and that was dancing on your home court, all I'm gonna say is that's hilarious. This upcoming season I'm excited and can't wait, to be able to witness history and see Cleveland win a title was very cool, LeBron was the last hope and he pulled it off along with a great supporting cast, so what does this means for CLE season, it's going to be a non stressful and fun season, no more Old Man Logan Bron yelling at teammates over and over, plus with the new additions to the roster like Birdman, Mike Dunleavy JR and hopefully a couple more trades/signings things are going to be alot different, hell we might even see the powder toss come back along with the headband, only minor issue I'm worried about is the injury bug, other than that lets get this season started.

What to expect from the NBA this upcoming season:

• The Warriors will most likely headline ESPN every night and destroy most teams (and by the way, the Western Conference just got weak, but let's see if anyone starts to say it soon)

• The Knicks made some cool moves with Rose, Courtney Lee, and Brandon Jennings, sorry but Noah and his Master Yoshi bun is washed, they'll make the playoffs, I think.

• Watch out for Karl-Anthony Towns and the Timberwolves, they're gonna a be must see TV

• Russell Westbrook is going to wild the fuck out, he might eat triple doubles every game, but be on the lookout for heavy trade rumors, specifically a East team involved

• A blockbuster dumb trade, rumors of Blake Griffin being on the block, don't be surprised, it's the Clippers

• D Wade is back home in Chicago, he dropping 40 in Miami while screaming "this is my house" off rip

• The Eastern Conference will become a royal rumble again, seeds 2-8

• James Harden under the D'Antoni system will be fun to watch, still no defense though

• Mozgov on the Lakers, lmao.

• Ray Allen's return from his unofficial retirement

• A NBA Lockout announcement for 2017-2018

• MVP race? Now that KD teamed up with the Warriors the MVP discussions shifted, I'm sure Curry and KD will still be in the running somehow but the top 2 this year competing for it will most likely be LeBron and Westbrook.

I'm not saying these things will happen but it's always nice to see the NBA explode, who knows, maybe all of this will happen and even something more crazy like Rudy Gay or Trevor Ariza getting traded to Cleveland, Dion Waiters playing in Miami, Kevin Garnett retiring, Paul Pierce ends up back in Boston or Westbrook somehow ends up in San Antonio, you'll never know, I just can't wait for the season to start already. 

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