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25toLYFE Anonymous Advice: Curiosity Killed the Cat

25toLYFE Anonymous Advice: Curiosity Killed the Cat

ANONYMOUS asked: I am a happily married woman of over 5 years, who’s deeply in love...HOWEVER, there is a yearning inside me that is heavily attracted to women, This isn’t a secret to him but I haven’t acted on it because the opportunity hasn’t really present itself...and I’m not sure it’s cheating. I sporadically tell him “I need some p*&&y”, he just looks at me and smokes and sometimes fucks me crazy, but I’m serious, So I’m curious as to your thoughts...Would you act on these urges?

Curiosity and THE CAT...your honesty has absolutely made my day - not many women can be so candid about their needs and desires.

I admire you...

Feel safe in knowing you are one of the few who truly know who they are and what they want.

So you’ve got to decide if you just want a taste of the p*&&y alone or if you want hubby in on this threesome?

If you’ve decided you just want some alone time for you and the kitty - please think of the specifics and what it could potentially do to/for your happy marriage...random questions off top...

• Is this a set-up you want with just one woman?

• If it’s sporadic - will you come to him when you know you want ‘it”?

• Hotel or her home or your home?

• Will he watch even if its just between you and her?

• What if you fall in love with her; are you ready to share your life sexually with someone else?

 • If you want hubby involved in the hot threesome, is this a one time thing?• are you in charge of deciding, or do you pick ‘her’ together?

Allot some time to have a serious conversation with hubby about ALL of your specific urges! Be sure! He needs to know exactly what you’re missing sexually/physically from just sex with him. Not only will you feel FREE but also it will give him the opportunity as your man to speak his piece.

He deserves that just as much as you need to express!

This could resurge the already fruitful union or it could absolutely damage the sacrality. Are all desires worth exploring?

I’m excited for you to liberate yourself either way. Telling hubby in its entirety and specificity might be enough to satisfy this desire (just knowing that he was able to listen and cast no judgment) or he might absolutely be into it. Sending you on your way Queen...feel free to keep updated here!

PS. If it’s a go - make sure to know shawty’s status!

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