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2nd Love - a poem

2nd Love - a poem

You, loved me second and I had been

Daydreaming in it, in the midst of a crisis

With you, the super hero and

The villain, propelling me forward

After several nights of one nights of forevers

Champagne, bourbon and edited beginnings

The possibilities of rekindled friendships

I overdosed on tragedy,

You stay and you leave


You love and you loved me

No explanations, no memories

You held my hand

And I was safe,

I held you as you walked away

Sent for you, sent you away

Return love to his sender

Tell her the chemistry is



Tell her to

Please forgive me

My love lies and his is selfish

Transcending misery, wasting bridges

Hoping to find me

Seeking me, found me

There must be freedom here

There must be freedom there

Between my legs, his love intertwined in

The depths of now

Close, then far away

There must be light there

There is light there

He can barely turn away from the light there

Between my legs

Defying Boundaries

Betraying loyalties

He can’t help it

I can’t help me

I keep returning him

He keeps returning

And he loves me

And I love to

Attend to scars

Shepherd lost souls

Love hit me

His love is with me

He’s with her

He hates me because

He’s always longing

For a moment to indulge in

Me, we take

Slow breaths in…

I take pieces of him before

I turn away, our love


We return fall in sync with love’s heart

I had been hoping

I would die


I would be


As your next love

But you’d still love your second love

And I don’t hate her

But I love us

I’m sorry

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