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Fiction Series: 4th Quarter Love - Chapter 1

Fiction Series: 4th Quarter Love - Chapter 1


“So you mean to tell me you walked in on him with his assistant, well suckin on his assistants’ dick?” I roll my eyes because this is literally the 3rd time I’ve told Kay the story of how I found out Stephen, my newly ex-boyfriend, was gay or bisexual or whatever the hell he wanted to identify as.

“Yes bitch, got damnit. Why are you repeating that over and over again? I was there I know what the fuck happened!” I’m clearly annoyed and I know she can tell because she scoffs as though my outburst has offended her.

“Well excuse me for making sure I have the facts correct, I just want to make sure my information is correct when I tell the girls at the salon, because you got mad the last time I spilled tea and it was wrong.”

“No, I was mad because you insist on spilling my tea to those messy broads you employ.” Kay, like me, was a small business owner, well not exactly small anymore she was in the process of opening her 3rd salon in Atlanta. Kay’s Place had started out as a single chair amongst 20 others about 4 years ago, and since then she has opened a Kay’s Place in Brookhaven, East Atlanta Village, and her latest one in Vinings. Each salon catered specifically to the clientele of the area.  I was proud of her as a best friend, and also as one of her many business partners.

Kay’s Place was Olivia Desiree Events first and most important client. When Kay finally felt ready to branch out beyond that one chair, I was there. When she found the first location, I helped paint the walls, and hang the mirrors. So when she was ready to plan her grand opening party, she forced me to stop hiding behind my day job as an internal recruiter and hired me as her event planner. In 2 short years Olivia Desiree events had gone from planning grand openings and release parties for salons and unknown musicians to planning galas and campaign celebrations for the Atlanta political and social elite.

So here I was again, beautiful, black, successful and SINGLE. “Ya know, I think I’m just gonna go on a man fast, because these past two years have been trash and even though I had gotten some great dick out of it, these niggas not worth my sanity.” Kay snorted “Well good luck with that, I’ll buy you a jumbo size pack of double a’s. Anyway my client is here, shall we meet for our usual tonight?” She was referring to our breakup ritual where we get drunk and burn and delete all the memories of whomever just bit the dust.

“No, I think I’m just gonna head home, take a bath and watch Bad Girls Club. That should cheer me up.”

“Ok girl, well call me if you need me, I love you.”

“Love you too Kay Kay” I hung up the phone, and started packing up to leave my office. I had let my assistant Tanisha go about an hour ago, so it was just me left. I found myself almost crying, but I just couldn’t get the tears to come, which had been a trend in my last 3 relationships. I was always sad, but never sad enough to actually shed a tear.

I’d been stuck in what I like to refer to as “dating hell.” First there was Tariq, the poet/engineer who was way too into group sex for my liking. Now don’t get me wrong I like a little threesome every now and then but this nigga always wanted a few more people in the mix. At first it was exciting, but that got uncomfortable really quick. I guess that’s what I get for dating a man I met at sex club.

After Tariq, there was Marcus, the lawyer with baby mama issues. We had great chemistry, great conversation, both successful yet still ambitious and the sex…..sex was so damn good I swear I lost my sense of hearing and went blind a few times. I’m dead serious, I can remember a time he was hittin it from the back, and I lost all sense of hearing. There was complete silence for a solid 5 minutes, and I’m a screamer so that’s how I know I went deaf.

Everything was going good until his baby mama,  showed up to my office with their kids and made a scene. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the kids, however my place of business is not a damn daycare. I asked that crazy bird to take her kids and leave and she decided that was the perfect time to go off about how I was ruining her family, blah blah fucking blah. I politely asked Marcus if he would handle the situation, and he had the nerve to blame it on me! Saying that I should have just played nice and listened to her, FUCK THAT!! His ass had to go, I don’t have the time, and no dick is good enough for me to put myself through that.

That brings me to my current, well now ex-boyfriend, Stephen Cornelius Marks III. I met Stephen about 6 months ago at a happy hour. I mean I was at happy hour; he was celebrating his promotion to Partner at one of the largest law firms in Atlanta. I spotted him as soon as I walked in. His suit was tailored to perfection, his beard full and well groomed, and he had glasses. I have a thing for black men with beards and glasses. It’s a sickness really, but that’s beside the point. We had made eye contact a few times, but neither one of us made a move. Somewhere around my 4th Jack and Ginger I got the courage to send him a drink. Next thing I know he had me spread wide open in the handicap stall of the bathroom. It’s been pure bliss ever since then, until today.

Work had been crazy for the past few days so I hadn’t been able to see Stephen, more importantly I was going through dick withdrawal. So like any other professional, I had Tasha block off a 2 hour lunch so I could slide over to Stephens’s office and get my dick fix. I had everything planned out perfectly; down to the matching bra and panty set I bought especially for him. I was freshly waxed, my hair was laid and my pussy was already soaking in anticipation of what was about to happen.

Thinking back on it, I should have known something was up when those elevator doors opened and I didn’t see Anton at his desk. I was playing Blow by Queen Bey in my head, excited about getting my cherry turned out and then I opened the door to Stephens’s office. I see this man, who has blown my back out several times, on his knees in front of his assistant. To make matters worse this nigga is dragging his tongue up and down the big vein, while applying suction to the dick, WHICH IS SOMETHING I DID TO HIM!

His bitch ass not only stole my trick but he’s doing it better than me. I cleared my throat and they both finally noticed me standing there. Stephen immediately got up and started toward me with an apology, while Anton stood there dick out with a catty ass smirk on his face.  Obviously my kitty cat dried up, and I immediately turned around and left. Stephen stopped the elevator doors from closing and said something, but I wasn’t listening. I just had to get the hell out of there.

My phone had been blowing ever since I left, and I just don’t have the strength.

Liv: Stephen there are no words for what I saw. I don’t know how to feel. I’m hurt, and I’m angry. Please leave me alone. I’ll send you your shit. FUCK YOU. Goodbye.

Stephen: Liv you are being unreasonable you have to let me explain.

Liv: Nigga text my phone one more time, I will blow the door off that closet you reside in. You don’t think I stood there and didn’t get any proof, do you? You know I’m smarter than that. DO NOT TRY ME……AND SEND MY SHIT.

I didn’t really have any proof, because I was too shocked to do anything; and as sick as it sounds I was slick studying his technique. I still turned my phone off just in case he decided to call my bluff. I needed something to take my mind off of today’s events, and a bath and relaxing music was not going to cut it. I needed a damn drink.


I don’t know how I ended up out tonight. I just officially ended things with my girl, and wanted a quiet, low key night in the house. I was planning to chill and catch up on some TV, but these niggas dragged me out. I really wasn’t in the mood to be bothered with these Atlanta broads tonight, so my plan was to lay back and sip slow.

“Gahhhhhh damn look at that ass on mama over there.” My boy Terrence was from New York, granted he’d been living in Atlanta for over 15 years but he acted like he was just visiting. I mean the nigga wore timbs all year round.

“That ass is fat, I need to see what the rest of her looks like though, fat asses are everywhere. I wonder if she has a job, an education, a spiritual connection with.…”

“Man shut that ‘spiritual connection” shit up….with an ass like that you need to wonder how many baby daddies she has, and that doesn’t really matter. Just call me the got damn stepdad, because I want a piece of that.” Terrence interrupted my brother, Quincy, and I have to say I was grateful. Quincy had been on this “spiritual awakening” shit, and I was happy he was finding himself or whatever the fuck he’s doing, but I was tired of hearing about it.

I took a sip of my Jameson and decided to look at the bar to see what the chick with the big ass looked like. Before I could even find her someone else caught my eye.  Beautiful brown skin, almond shaped eyes, black hair down her back and she was thick. When I say thick, I don’t mean just a fat ass; no she had curves, dangerous curves that I needed to test drive. She was dressed in a dress that hugged each and every curve perfectly, and I found myself jealous of that dress. I didn’t know who this woman was, but I knew I had to get to know her.

I excused myself from the table and made my way to the bar where she had just sat down. I sat down in the chair right next to her and before I opened my mouth she said, “I really don’t mean to be rude but would you mind moving down a seat, and you know respecting my personal space.”

I was so caught off guard by her request that I started laughing; she didn’t take to kindly to that. It’s been a while since a woman showed no interest. It comes with the territory of being the quarterback of the home team. Women throw themselves at me all the time, so the fact that this beautiful woman showed no interest intrigued me.

She scoffed, rolled her eyes and asked the bartender for her tab. I gently placed my hand on her arm, she looked at me and I saw the disgust in her eyes “I’m sorry beautiful, I don’t mean to laugh but your reaction caught me off guard.” She sighed heavily and finally turned to look me, and I my heart skipped a beat. Her eyes were a beautiful brown, the color of Hennessey, and even though they were full of rage, they were the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m a man, and not with all that sap shit, but my grandpa always told me that when I looked into the eyes of my forever I would know. He and my grandmother were together for 62 years until she passed, so I’ve always taken everything he said about love very seriously. I had been so caught up in staring into her eyes that I didn’t realize her mouth was moving. That beautiful mouth with plump lips that would look perfect wrapped around my dick, see here I go again.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” She rolled her eyes, “I said….,” her voice sounded like sex, “…….that I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve had an incredibly difficult day and I just want to drink in peace.” She turned her glass up and signaled the bartender for another.

“I haven’t had the best day myself, maybe we can…..” She laughed and rolled her eyes, “I know you weren’t about to suggest we help each other feel better, you have got to have more game than that.” The bartender sat her drink down and I ordered another one for myself as I contemplated what to say next. “Oh I got game, more than you know.”

She laughed and her smile was just as gorgeous as the rest of her. “Sure you do, so I’m assuming there’s nothing I can say to get you to go sit back with your boys over there?” A smile slowly spreads across my face and she rolls her eyes because she already knows the answer. “I didn’t want to come out tonight, but my brother and my homeboy forced me, and now I’m glad they did. I’m Quinton Jeffries, and your name?” I put my hand out to shake hers and waited for her to recognize my name; instead she just looked down at it. When she looked back at me, she had the sexiest smirk on her face.

“I am leaving, thanks for the drinks.” And with that sentence she slid off the barstool, told the bartender I was picking up her tab and walked out the door. I thought about chasing after her, but she would eventually realize who I was and come running back. It was only a matter of time.

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