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Fiction Series: 4th Quarter Love - Chapter 4

Fiction Series: 4th Quarter Love - Chapter 4

He’s kissing me. I was chewing on my lip, a terrible nervous habit I have, and next thing I know he’s kissing me. His lips are soft, almost like I’m kissing a cloud. His tongue is teasing me, and I almost resist and pull away, but then he captures my bottom lip in his teeth. He gives it a little tug and as soon as I open my mouth his tongue and mine collide. I’m pretty sure I’ve never been kissed like this, his kiss is powerful and passionate and gentle and a whole bunch of other shit at the same time. I can’t even think straight, and then the kiss is over. Just like that he’s pulled away, actually stepped away from me, like I smell or something. I don’t know what my face says, but he’s looking at me like I’m crazy. I can’t breathe, and I need an inhaler, except I’m not an asthmatic. I hear someone clear their throat behind me, and I realize that the valet is back with my car. I take deep breath and head towards my car. I feel him walking behind me and when I turn around I meet his eyes. They are on fire, and I can tell he’s trying to decide what to do next. All I can think is that I hope he doesn’t ask me to go anywhere else with him, because I’ll say yes and probably end up fucking him in the parking lot of some bar, and I don’t need that right now.

He holds out his hand, “Give me your phone.” I automatically reach into my purse, grab my phone unlock it and hand it to him. He does something on my screen, and then his phone is ringing. “Now you have my number. I want to see you again Olivia, so you let me know when we can do this again. I enjoyed myself tonight, let me know when you make it home.” He leans forward and places a kiss on my check, and I’m mad because how can he not want to kiss my lips again. I slide into my car and he closes my door, I give the most awkward wave and pull off. What the fuck just happened?

I somehow manage to make it home, and as I walk into my building I pull out my phone to text Quinton.

Liv: Home safely. Thanks for a great night :-*

I hit send and then I shake my head because I just sent this grown ass man a fucking kissy face emoji. I was just supposed to send a simple “I’m home” text, but noooooo I let that kiss throw me off my game. You know how in movies there’s always a kiss that changes how the main characters feel about each other? Like in Brown Sugar when Taye and Sanaa kiss, or the first time Monica and Quincy kiss in Love and Basketball…..and definitely when Jordan and Harper kiss in The Best Man. See all those kisses served as a turning point in the relationship. Only thing is, this is my real life not a movie and Quinton and I aren’t in a relationship, but that kiss damn sure serves as a turning point. I’m pretty certain I‘m overthinking this, which I tend to do sometimes, well most of the time. I’m thinking so hard that when my phone buzzes in my hand I almost drop it.

Quinton- Glad you made home safely.

Well that was…..short. What the fuck?! Did I misread him assaulting my mouth with his tongue or, my phone buzzes again.

Quinton- You have the softest lips, and they taste like honey and I can’t stop thinking about the next time I’ll get to kiss you. Goodnight.

You damn right they taste like honey, shit I know that. I put my bag down on the table in my front room and head straight for my bathroom. Most women require big closets or big kitchens; me, I’m all about the bathroom. It is my special place, my fortress of solitude. I immediately head towards my claw tub and turn the water on, drop one of my favorite bath bombs in, add a few drops of lavender and sandalwood oil in and light some candles. I turn on my favorite jazz station and undress as I prepare to get in my tub. Once the water is the perfect temperature I step in and sink down. I immediately relax and take a deep breath. I cannot stop replaying the evening in my head. I did not intend to stay the entire time, and I definitely didn’t intend to like Quinton. Yet, here I am thinking about how much I was turned on when he yanked me against him and told me he was the boss. It was just so incredibly sexy.

Confession time, I love to be dominated, and not just in bed, in a relationship. I am my own boss, and the boss of several other people. I always have to plan and prepare for them as well as myself. So I love it when a man takes control, well when a man takes control and I listen. Since I am such a strong woman, it takes a certain kind of man to make me want to follow his lead. I’ve never met a man that I take 100% serious when he puts his foot down. Most of the time I go along with their demands just to keep the peace, but when Quinton told me to drop my attitude, licked my neck and walked away it took all my strength not to run after him like I was about to Alison Felix in the Olympics. I honestly can’t think of any man I’ve been with that made me feel like that. So it makes sense that I want to see if this goes anywhere right? I mean yeah I just ended a relationship a week ago, and I should give myself time to heal. Although I don’t really have anything to heal from, because if I’m completely honest with myself, like 100% honest; I really didn’t like Stephen. He was just someone to cuddle with and fuck on the regular. So maybe for the first time in my life, I’ll just go with the flow. I won’t have any expectations, and I won’t try to force something that’s not there.

My water is starting to cool off, so I drain my tub and hop in the shower. I don’t actually bathe in the tub because once you wash all of that dirt off you just sit there in it, and that defeats the purpose of bathing. I scrub my body down, and apply some body oil before I get out of the shower. I tone and moisturize my face, brush my teeth and throw my robe on. I literally don’t know what to do with myself; I know I should get my ass in the bed but the urge to text Quinton back was so strong that I found myself picking my phone up.

Olivia: You sure are confident about this supposed second chance.

As soon as I hit send, I get in the bed and turn my phone over. I don’t want to know if he responds tonight, I’ll make him wait until tomorrow. I’m strong and I don’t even really like him this will be easy. Forty five whole minutes later I’m still awake and checking my phone every few minutes wondering where the hell my response is. Like, I’m the one who’s supposed be sleeping soundly as he waits for my response.  Yet here I am watching reruns of The Parkers, and looking at my phone like a maniac. What is wrong with me? I mean, the kiss was good, it wasn’t great though. Ok, I’m lying that kiss was everything, and I keep replaying it in my mind. It’s on a loop and sexy music has been added in the background. I check my phone again and this nigga still hasn’t text me back. Fuck it, what I’m not about to do is lie awake all night waiting for no got damn text message.

I turn my TV on because there has to be something on this expensive ass cable that will lull me straight to sleep. I finally find an old episode of Golden Girls and that keeps me occupied for a solid ten minutes, but I keep glancing to the spot on my bed where my phone is and because I have no patience, or will power I pick it up. There is one notification, I think about flipping my phone back over but I know myself and I won’t be able to sleep until I know what his response is.

Quinton: There are certain things a man knows, and I know you want me just as bad as I want you, but your pride won’t allow you to admit it. So like I said let me know when you want to see me again.

Olivia: I see you still awake. Blow my back out? Yes or No?

Quinton: What?!?!

Olivia: See if pride was the issue I wouldn’t tell you that I want you to literally blow my back out. I want you to pull my hair, smack my ass, make me feel you everywhere….tonight, tomorrow, next Thursday.  Every time I move I want it to be a reminder that you were here, and you owned my body.

Quinton: well shit, send me your address.

Olivia: Goodnight Quinton.

I didn’t really mean to send him that, but who the hell does he think he is? That man don’t know shit about me or my pride. I hate being challenged like that, and I will always challenge back. Now I can sleep peacefully so I turn my phone over, roll to my right side and close my eyes. Olivia-1 , Quinton-0.


I went to sleep with my dick hard, and woke up with my dick hard and even after an intense workout and a freezing cold shower my dick is still fuckin hard. I’ve had women say a lot of nasty shit; I mean down right filthy shit to me in my lifetime, but to have a woman like Olivia say she wants me to blow her back out….shit. I text her like 15 times after she sent me that, and not one damn response. What kinda shit is that? Like what kinda woman tells a man she wants him to blow her back out and then doesn’t respond? An evil one, with juicy lips, titties sent from heaven, an ass sculpted to perfection by God himself, and a face that could start a thousand wars. Wait, what am I doing? Did I just say some poetic shit? What the fuck is happening? I need to get some perspective, so I call up the one person I know can help get my mind back together.

“You calling me early on a Saturday morning, so who is she?”

“Well hello to you too old man, how do you now I’m not calling to catch up?”

“Boy I practically raised you; you don’t call me on a random Saturday morning just to chat. Last time I heard from this early that crazy girl had sent you black roses with a voodoo doll inside the box.”

I can’t help but laugh, I was definitely scared that day. I called my grandpa to pray for me and give some advice. I knew he was the only person that could help me then, and he’s the only one who can help me now. “Alright old man, you right. I have woman problems, and I just met her.”

Gramps chuckles, “So tell me young blood, are these good problems or bad problems?” It takes me a while to respond because I didn’t know there was such a thing as good or bad problems when it comes to women.”Uhhhhh you gotta explain the difference between good and bad women problems, because I thought all women problems were bad.”

“See that’s probably why you keep choosing the crazy girls, you stupid. I thought I taught you better boy. A bad problem would be what happened with that crazy ex of yours, a good problem would be a woman you can’t stop thinking about. So I’ll ask again, is it a good problem or a bad problem?”

“It’s definitely a good problem. I met someone, and I’ve only been with her twice but she’s all I can think about. Like the first thought in my head for the past two weeks has been of her, I don’t like feeling like this.”

“Well young blood, sounds like you might’ve found the one. You know when I saw your grandma the first time my whole life changed. I hadn’t said two words to her but I knew she was important. I never believed in all that love at first sight bullshit, but I do believe that there are folks out there who were created to complete us. “

“So are you saying I found my soulmate?’

“I can’t say yes or no to that, but how many other women have you met recently that have affected you this way. I will say that I’ve never believed in the popular meaning of a soulmate. I do think that there are people you come across in life, and your souls recognize each other. They recognize that you all have something to offer each other, and that recognition can last a lifetime or not. What I will say is that it’s not 10am on a Saturday and you are in my ear whining about some woman when you should be figuring out how to spend more time with her.”

I don’t even know how to really process what he’s just said to me, but I’ve known since I first saw her that Olivia was different. “That was deep old man, didn’t know you still had it in you.” He laughed, “Sone things never leave you young blood, now stop holding up my phone line and go talk to this woman of yours. I wanna meet her when y’all figure your shit out.” I shake my head, because he’s already expecting to meet her. “I promise once we figure everything out, you’ll be the first to meet her. You got everything you need over there?”

“Boy I worked 25 years for the post office; I got more than I could ever want over here. Bye young blood, I love you.”

“I love you too old man.”

A good woman problem, the shit sounded crazy to me, but I guess the old man was right. I still didn’t know what to really make of my relationship with Olivia and if we’re being perfectly honest what we have isn’t really on relationship level yet. I mean I wanted her, and she clearly wanted me, but she wants to be in charge too and I’m not having that. Call me old fashioned if you want but that shit did not fly with me, my grandfather was the head of my household and ultimately the leader in the relationship. I had to take back control, and remind her who wears the pants. I am a man damnit, and I call the shots. So I pick up my phone and dial her number, she picks up on the 3rd ring and I start talking before she has a chance to say anything, ‘You know you had my dick hard for almost 12 hours right?”

She laughs, “I’m sorry, who is this again?” Ok, so this is how she wants play it, cool, let’s play. “Shonda stop playing games, you know who this is. What you got on?” I hear her huff out a big breath, “You know Quinton, I don’t know why I thought you were different from these other Atlanta niggas, clearly I was wrong. Do me a favor and lose….” I cut her off before she finishes that sentence. “Olivia, relax. I was just playin girl, damn. Besides O and S are far apart in my contacts…and stop rolling your eyes.”

“How did you know I was rolling my eyes? And why are you calling me so early?”

“I just had a feeling, we’re connected that way and I’m calling so early to see what your plans for the day were. I want to see you.”

“I just want you to know that I rolled my eyes at that whack ass we’re connected bullshit you just said, and I already have plans today, tonight and tomorrow. Enjoy your Saturday.”

The line goes dead and I’m sure I’ve just been hung up on. Nobody hangs up on me, but if this is how she wants to play, then fine we’ll play. If she thought her little “I’m the boss” act was going to run me off, she’s sadly mistaken. Now I’m only more determined to make her mine.

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