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Fiction Series: 4th Quarter Love - Chapter 5

Fiction Series: 4th Quarter Love - Chapter 5

Shonda. Only Shonda we acknowledge is Shonda Rhimes, and she stays on thin ice. That nigga tried me, and I am not to be tried, so I promptly hung up on his ass and walked into my favorite brunch spot. Every Saturday for the past 2 years I meet up with my girls Kay, Alex and Jasmine for bottomless mimosas, great food and old school music. The Pit was such a staple in my life that I didn’t feel right on the occasional Saturday when I wasn’t able to make my weekly visit.

I was running late, and noticed the girls were already seated and sipping on mimosas by the time I walked in. Alex saw me first and waved as I made my way over to our table. I sat down, picked up my mimosa and closed my eyes as I chugged it down. When I opened my eyes I noticed that six more were staring back at me, “Hello ladies, have we ordered food yet?” Jasmine refilled my glass and rolled her eyes “Ma’am what the hell was that? Your ass didn’t even speak before you downed that mimosa, you still mad about Stephan?” Kay snorted and I cut my eyes at her before responding, “Fuck Stephan, I didn’t even really like him, dick was good. That’s about it.”

“So if that wasn’t about Stephen, what was it? I haven’t seen you this stressed out since….shit now that I think about I’ve never seen you this stressed out.” Alex looked at me expecting a response; I didn’t know what to say so I took another sip of my 2nd mimosa before I responded. “Nothing is wrong, I’m completely fine. I was just thirsty.” Kay snorted again, “Do you need some tissue or a damn Claritin?” She was getting on my damn nerves. “Oh no ma’am don’t get pissy with me. I take it your little date last night didn’t go as planned,” Jasmine and Alex both turn to look at me, and I’m still giving Kay my death stare, and that’s why you marched in here all huffy and puffy. Am I right?”

“Wait, what date? I thought you were on a man fast?” I turn to look at Jasmine, and as I open my mouth to respond my annoying ass best friend interjects. “She went on a date with that football player Quinton, man sent her flowers and everything.” Alex shrieks, she’s almost as big a Knights fan as I am. “Bitch you went out with Quinton Matthews? Is his dick big? He looks like his dick is big, and those lips. Can you see if he can hook me up with Jet?” Why is my friends first questions always about dick size, I don’t sleep with every man on the first date do I? Actually, now that I think about it I do, but that’s because I don’t want to waste my time dating someone I’m not sexually compatible with, they need to at least be a pro at the basics. Alex clears her throat, and I look around the table and see everyone staring at me awaiting my answer.

I clear my throat, “Yes I went out for drinks with Quinton last night, and I actually enjoyed myself. Yes his dick is big, and yes his lips are soft, but I did not fuck him, and I don’t plan to do so anytime soon.” Ok that last part was a lie, because let’s be honest, if Quinton walked his ass in this restaurant right now I‘d fuck him in the bathroom and come back and finish my brunch. “Bitch stop lying, if that man waltzed his ass in here right now you’d probably fuck him in the bathroom.” Jasmine rolls her eyes at me as if she didn’t just read my mind. “Exactly, we all know your philosophy about getting the dick as soon as possible to avoid wasting your time” Of course Kay ass had to chime in. “Fuck all that noise, can you or can you not hook me up with Jet? That is the important question here ladies.” We all look at Alex and bust out laughing because she is dead ass serious.

“Girl I’ve only gone on one date with the man and I don’t think that will be happening again, so issa no. Sorry.” Kay starts to say something as the waitress comes to the table to take our order. We put our orders in and I mentally prepare myself to explain my last statement to my girls. The best thing about my friends is that they are honest, sometimes brutally, but honest nonetheless. They will call me on my shit and have saved me from making a fool of myself on several occasions. “Before you ask, the date was great.” I went over all the details of last night, making sure to give very specific details about him getting me together in the hallway, that damn kiss, the texts and our little conversation before I walked in The Pit. By time I’m done explaining everything our food has arrived.

After a few moments of silence at the table, Kay finally looks up at me “So basically you’re talking yourself out of this before anything really gets started.” I roll my eyes, because I know that’s exactly what I’m doing. “Kay he is an NFL player, he gets pussy thrown at him on a daily basis and I don’t want to end up hurt at the end of whatever we have going on.” Where did that come from? “Liv I’m gonna say this as nice as possible, you are a damn idiot. You really think this man who definitely has pussy, FREE pussy at that, thrown at him on a regular basis would go through all this just to get your panties and dip?” She makes a great point, and just as I’m about to respond someone speaks up from behind me. “You know she’s right, what man would go through all of that just to get in your panties, he clearly sees something in you that he wants and you think pushing him away is going to cause him to back off when in reality it’s only going to make him come after you harder.”

I turn around and I’m staring right into Quinton’s eyes. He pulls up a chair to our table and introduces himself to my friends, places his hand on my thigh under the table and squeezes. “Olivia, I figured I would find you here.” I remove his hand from my thigh and roll my eyes, “So are you stalking me now?”


“Stalking you? No. I had to make sure you weren’t too upset about that little prank I pulled earlier, and I wanted to spend the day with you.” I figure at this point it won’t hurt to lay all my cards out on the table because I have nothing to lose. She rolls her eyes at me “So you think you can just waltz in here and interrupt my time with my friends and commandeer the rest of my Saturday? Who the fu…” Jasmine interrupts her “Liv shut yo ass up. Quinton please take her away and enjoy your Saturday. Liv we will talk later.” Liv scoffs and looks at Jasmine as though she’s been betrayed; meanwhile I’m looking at Jasmine like she’s my new best friend. As I stand up Kay, who based off social media is the best friend, holds up her hand. I already know what’s coming. “Ok mister football man, I don’t really know shit about you, because I don’t do sports. I will say this, and I’m only saying it once. You take care of my friend, and if you cause her any harm I will find you and use my sharpest pair of shears to cut your penis off and slice both of your Achilles in half.” The look in her eyes tells me she’s serious, and I think about how bad it would for me not be able to fuck or play football. “You are right Kay, you don’t know me, but I will tell you this. I have nothing but the best intentions for your friend. I just need her to give me a chance. I don’t plan on fucking my chance up.” I really hope she can feel my sincerity but from the way she’s looking at me I can’t really tell. “Whatever nigga, just keep her safe or you gon have to deal with me.” She rolls her eyes and then calls for the waitress.

I’m just standing there looking like an idiot when the waitress approaches me with the bill, I hand her a few bills and grab Olivia’s purse off the back her chair. “Olivia, you ready to go?” She looks up at me and rolls her eyes but she finally stands up. “Bye ya’ll” Her girls say their goodbyes as I place my hand on her lower back and lead her out of the restaurant. Before we are even completely out of the restaurant she turns around “How the hell did you find me?” I shrug and simply answer “Instagram.” She nods her head but doesn’t say anything. “Look Olivia, I like you. I want to spend time with you so I can get to know you better.” I also want to fuck the shit out of her but I feel like maybe right now isn’t the best time to mention that. She sighs “Look Quinton, I really did enjoy myself last night, and I would like to get to know you better, but I don’t have time for games. So before whatever this is goes any further let’s agree that we won’t waste each other’s time. Let’s just see where this goes.”

She just agreed to give this a chance, and she chewing on that damn lip again. Before I can stop myself I grab her and put my lips on hers. I swear she has the softest lips in the world and when she opens her mouth I taste pure honey. I feel like a man who has been starved for years and she is my first meal. I deepen the kiss and she moans and that sound goes straight to my dick. “Damn, can yall get a fuckin room? There are children around.” We quickly pull apart from each other and I see her girls standing next to us. We’re both breathing really hard and she’s looking at me with sex eyes. I don’t even know what that shit means, but like if I had to use a word to describe the way she’s looking at me that word would be sex. “Girl if you fix your face and go get in the car, the sexual tension is making me horny…and that’s making me uncomfortable.”

We both bust out laughing, and it’s in that moment I decide that Kay is definitely my favorite. I hold my hand out to Olivia, and when she grabs it I lead her to my car. As I open her door, I turn back to her friends and wave. “Stop flirting with my friends and get in the car Quinton.” I chuckle, “Whatever you say Shonda.”

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