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Fiction Series: 4th Quarter Love - Chapter 6

Fiction Series: 4th Quarter Love - Chapter 6

“So now that you’ve kidnapped me, where are we going?” I really can’t believe he showed up to my brunch, schmoozed my friends, kidnapped me and then kissed me damn breathless in the parking lot. I also can’t believe that I willingly left with him. “You’ll just have to wait and see Shonda, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it though” He’s so damn cocky, it almost makes me want to not have fun on purpose, but that shit is childish. Besides he really did come find me and made plans for us, the least I can do is enjoy it. “Listen, I didn’t wake up this morning with the intentions of hi-jacking your day. I just had to make things right after my Shonda joke pissed you off.” He sounds so sincere, I glance over at him and I feel this sudden calmness. It’s a strange feeling, but strange in a good way.

“Well lucky for you, I didn’t really have many plans today. Although I am missing my wax appointment, so even if the day goes well you probably not getting any tonight.” He laughs, “Woman I am a grown ass man, if you offering it up hair ain’t gon stop nothin.” It’s my turn to laugh, because that is a first. I missed a wax appointment once with Stephan and he was not having it, he denied me the dick until I got waxed. “So are you saying I’ll be getting some tonight; because if that’s the case we can just head to my place.” I roll my eyes, “Oh no sir, we are doing whatever you had planned. We’ll just have to see where the day leads us.” He nods his head in agreement and places his hand on my thigh, and the same sense of calmness pops up again. I’m staring down at his hand and my thigh when I realize how thick his fingers are, and of course that leads to me thinking about his dick, and now I’m wet. This shit is annoying as fuck. I’ve never been this turned on by anyone in my life.

I reach towards his radio and he smacks my hand away, “Woman don’t touch my radio. You never touch a man’s radio.” I just look at him, “Well turn some damn music on, I don’t wanna just listen to you breathe.” He chuckles and presses a button and Sorry by Beyoncé starts blasting through the speakers. I just look at him, because I did not expect him to be a Bey fan. I think he can feel me looking at him, because he glances at me and starts singing the lyrics. Next thing I know we’re both singing about middle fingers up and telling boy bye at the top of our lungs. The rest of Lemonade plays as we continue our journey, and I’m so caught up signing each and every song with Quinton that I’ve forgotten that I still don’t know where we’re going. I pull out my phone to text Kay.

Liv: Can you see my location.

Kay: Yup, on 85N.

Liv: Ok just making sure. Not that I think anything bad will happen just wanted to make sure.

Kay: Understood……btw I like him. He’s good for you.

Liv:*rolls eyes* You only spent like 15 minutes with him.

Kay: When something is that right it doesn’t take long to see it. Although you aren’t seeing it, so clearly you stupid.

Liv: it’s always such a pleasure speaking with you. Why do I put up with you?

Kay: …..bc I know all your secrets. Stop texting me and enjoy time with your man.

Liv: He’s not my man.

Kay: Whatever….

Liv: I’m getting a new best friend.

Kay: I’d like to see you try, nobody else is gonna put up with your shit.

Liv: Wow.

I giggle, I really can’t stand her ass. I look up and notice that we’ve gotten off the higway and I immediately recognize where we are. “You know I’m not dressed properly for this.” We are about 15 minutes away from The Round Table aka the facility where the Knights practice. “I was waiting for you to get your face out of your phone and recognize where we were.” I dramatically turn my phone off and put it my bag. “Phone is off and you have my undivided attention. Happy now?” He shakes his head and smiles, “I’ve been happy since I bumped into you coming out of the bathroom at Blue Bar last night.” Well shit. I can hear the sincerity in his voice, and it is at that moment that I get what Kay was saying. This is different, and yes it has only been 2 days but this is different…..and that is terrifying. I get so caught up in those thoughts that I don’t even realize we’ve parked. I take a deep breath and try to calm myself down, but it’s not working. I think I’m about to have a fucking panic attack.


Since Olivia had so much to say about my game, I figured I’d bring her to the training facility. Although the way her titties sitting in that dress I doubt I’m gonna be able to really focus on anything but her. I park in my spot and look over at her. Her eyes are huge and she’s breathing really hard. I put my hand on her thigh “Liv, baby are you ok?” she looks down at my hand on her thigh and then directly into my eyes and I see it. She looks terrified, but she shakes her head yes. I unbuckle my seatbelt, hop out the car and race to her side. I open her door, take her face in my hands and look directly in her eyes, “Liv I don’t know what’s wrong but you gotta calm down.” I take her hand and place it right over my heart, “Feel my heartbeat, focus on that and take deep breaths, in and out.” I breathe along with her until she’s calm and then I unbuckle her seatbelt and help her out of the car.

“I’m so embarrassed. I haven’t had that happen in years.” I take her hand and pull her into me; her head fits right in the crook between my neck and shoulder. “I had panic attacks before every game my rookie season and we both know I wasn’t even playing that year. It was something about the lights, the noise and all the people.” I feel her sigh into my neck, and then she pulls away from me. “I really don’t know what happened, I was just thinking about us or the lack thereof an actual us and how I wouldn’t mind if there was an us and just how different all of this was and it’s only been two days but I like and you give me this sense of calmness and…..” I cut her off the best way I know how, I kiss her. I immediately feel all that tension and anxiety leave her body and when I pull away I whisper in her ear “I got you for as long as you let me.” She looks up at me and although it takes a while she nods in understanding.

She turns back to the car and grabs her bag and flips her hair “So are we gonna stand here and be mushy or are you taking me inside?” I roll my eyes, close her door, grab her hand and take her to the players entrance. We don’t have to report for workouts until next week but The Round Table is in full swing. I had to call in a few special favors to make this happen, and I really hope Liv enjoys it. I open the door and wait for her to step inside, “Welcome to The Round Table princess Olivia” She looks back at me with this annoyed face and rolls her eyes. I grab her hand and lead her to the elevators that lead to the offices, and classrooms. “So you had a lot to say about my lack of being able to properly read my second and third options. I’ll admit that’s definitely something I can struggle with on occasion, she snorts, so now you get to help me watch some game tape and figure out I can get better.”

“Wait…..let me get this straight. You kidnapped me so I can help you with work?” She snatches her hand out of mine and crosses her arms over her chest, I was hoping for this reaction. “I’m missing my damn wax appointment to help you work on your ability to read your options better? I’m not a damn football coach Quinton. How exactly am I supposed to help you?” The elevator door opens and we step out into the hallway. “Well I figured since you were such a big fan you’d wanna help.” That earns me an eye roll and I have her just where I want her. “Fine boy, let’s watch this tape and get you better.” I lead her down the hallway and stop in front of a door marked Private. I open the door, motion for her to step in and wait for her reaction.



The Best Gift I Ever Got

The Best Gift I Ever Got

Status of the Celtics UP 3-2

Status of the Celtics UP 3-2