Far from timid • Caveat Lector

6:40pm - a poem

6:40pm - a poem

I've spent all day meditating on our text messages like

Scripture, I

Replay your voice messages again and again hoping

To find something I might've missed, I

Stand In the mirror retracing

The places you've been on my skin, all over

You've been, all over

Your legacy left lingering within, and I

Wonder if you're feeling what I'm feeling

And if we'll ever do it again

Moans like mantras in my head, I'm

Losing control, you say you need me

And I'm afraid to tell you that I've been

Yours, My words only flow for you

She only flows for you

And I'm lost in a whirlwind

A whirlwind

Of memories, just one


Of us, and

This couldn't be it

So I write you down in my notebook

Every morning

Because if God answers questions

I know he'll answer this...

In spite of the distance...

Is this him?

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