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Poetry: American Dreaming

Poetry: American Dreaming

The relentless pursuit of happiness.

Motivated by a spouse 2.5 kids white, picket fences whatever that means.

The illusion of the American Dream.

False advertising if you ask me.

40 plus hour work weeks, no days off, all for the green, and no sleep is your team.

Good for you my nigga.

This McDonald's off brand marketing of freedom where your choices are branded by a team of in the box thinking vying for your dollars ain't for you my nigga.

Stock photos of happy people in fly clothes in sizes you can't wear at prices you can't afford to impress people you don't know it's all for show my nigga.

In a world where hip hop ain't considered culture but vultures will tie any rapper to products that had no intention of including you my nigga.

But they need that black dollar that we spend so frivolously on frivolous things that don't add any value my nigga.

Nigga. We want to own that. This nondescript depiction of fiction used to confuse we transmogrified into our own truths that nobody else can use...true.

But what has that done for me and you?

Okay cool. 

I'm not here to debate it's use I'm just trying to bring you a better view.

You and I have been lied to or we're lying to ourselves about whatever belongs to us or our gaining access to wealth.

Or whatever we thinks important or whatever about mental health cuz the difference between us and them ain't a matter of self reflect.

We leave our black ass neighborhoods to commute to the city to make dollars for corporations that wouldn't lay a brick down in our communities if your black ass still in it. 

Give it a minute.

We go to secondary schools to get a paper so we can go work in places where we aren't represented.

Hold on a second.

We protest places that don't cater to our needs for us to be...you see this what they call a practice in futility.

But I'm not here to debate just giving a point of view.

Cause I'm still gonna want that house, or that car or those better shoes.

That money, kids 2.5, those white fences I want that too. 

But happiness isn't happening for all the things we pursue, weren't created with us in mind so I'm trying to tap into, my purpose, bring us together forever cause what it seems:

My black ass wasn't included in the American Dream.


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