Far from timid • Caveat Lector

Attached - a poem

Attached - a poem

We said no strings

And I've tried my best

When it comes to most things

I put my pride to rest

Not used to sulking

And all this crying shit

So lately I've been hoping

We can stop with this lying shit

Tell him that you love me

Tell him that he's not enough

I know it may get ugly

Remember the last time he almost spotted us

I was ready for the confrontation

Had whole speech prepared

Told you I was tired of waiting

But you swiftly got me outta there

Played my role for too long

And I apologize for breaking rules

But our bond is too strong

No more waiting girl I'm taking you

Tell me that you'll have me

Run away if we have to

Leave it all gladly

Anything to have you

I've asked you to do two things

Make love to me, be his understudy

And lately you've been trying me

Snapping pictures of me

PDA, Social Media

Declaring your love, mentioning me

I blame you

I blame me

I blame him

For not having time for me

But I told you what it was

And it still is

The way it used to be

Should've never told you he wasn't enough

You're using my words, I trusted you

You're taking shots at him

It feels like shots at me

And I do, imagine running away

But what if we make it to our hiding place

And find that what we've cultivated in shadows

Can't stand alone

What if we break?

What if my love for you is strong

But only in comparison to my love for him?

What if I destroy him?

And have to eat that karma?

Wake up alone in the middle of the night

Because it's easy for you to want me

When I belong to someone else

I don't want to end this

I don't want to hurt him

And if you love me, you'll understand

Because love is always patient

So am I to wait

Or are you deading dreams?

I know I said you'd never have to choose

But I'm tired of in between

I can't sympathize with his sanity

With mine in the balance

Highly doubt you're leaving me

When he lacks certain talents

Will you continue lying to yourself?

Like that love can be revived

Or take this leap with me

And live with your essence

Excited for the rest of life?

Same question

Same answer

I can't tell you what's best for you

I can only fall into your love for me

So do what you will

I'll act accordingly

But know that if you go to him

That'll be the end of us

That'll be the end of me

And I don't want to sound selfish

But we both know I'll have all that I want

So relax

Continue loving me

Quit stressing me

Drive slow, he's away

Come see me

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