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Fiction Series: A Nice Backstroke Part 3

Fiction Series: A Nice Backstroke Part 3

Tay lives on the eastside of Atlanta in Decatur; it takes me fifteen minutes to get to her house. She lives in a townhouse with one other roommate. I use my key to let myself in since I know her roommate is out of town. I walk into her room and she has candles lit everywhere.

“Tay, baby, where are you?” I call out.

“Oh, I didn’t hear you come in.” She comes out of her closet wearing nothing but white. Her skin looks appetizing against anything white. I tell her that all the time. I love her body. Tay is 5’4, barely 135 pounds, but she wears her weight well. She has just enough ass to give her some curves and her boobs are the must succulent things I have ever laid my eyes on. Tay is dressed in a white lace bra and matching lace boy shorts. Her shoulder length black hair is straight, just how I like it. I love this woman. I want to spend the rest of my life with her.  At this very moment, as I look into her eyes, I know I need to end it with Keith. I will do that tomorrow. I can’t keep this up anymore.

“Baby, you look amazing.” I walk over to her and kiss her deeply. Tay’s lips are the softest on Earth and I just want to feel them on my body, around my dick. I feel my member growing hard as I kiss on Tay and grope her body. Her skin is so soft and she smells like my favorite scent, lavender.

“I missed you.” she says in between kisses. “I have been wanting you all day. Come lay on the bed with me.” She grabs my hand and pulls me toward her bed. I love this view because I can slap her ass and watch it jiggle.

Tay has immaculate taste. Her room is nothing but a sea of white and gray. She has pictures of her huge family and her close friends all over the room. She has me sprinkled in there, too. She possesses so many talents and that makes me love her even more. I want to spend the rest of my life with this woman. I want to give her the world and make her the happiest woman on earth.

“Are you ok? You sort of zoned out on me.” She looks at me with concern in her eyes.

“Yes, I am just thinking of how lucky I will be to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to give you the world and give you some children to trap you with.”

She laughs.

“You already give me the world, baby. If we get pregnant, just know you can never get rid of me.” She responds as she starts to untie my sweatpants.

“You keep wearing these gray sweatpants out of the house and all I can ever think of is how many women check my man out.  I need to punish you. Come let me suck your dick until my jaws are sore.”

“I like this punishment.”

Tay crawls to the edge of the bed and takes off my sneakers. She slowly moves up my body and then she takes my sweats off and finally my shirt. She kisses me and I rub on her ass. I slap it and she giggles. She starts to kiss down my body. She wets her lips and then she kisses one spot on my chest, and then nibbles another area. She licks one spot on my stomach and then nibbles on my side. Her mouth is so deliberate and sensual. So soft yet so firm at the same time. Nothing else exists when she is making love to me.  Time, space, absolutely nothing matters. She licks her favorite vein on my dick and I nearly come undone. I am still sensitive from the head Keith gave me earlier but I want to please my lover.

“Baby, I love your mouth. But I want you to get on top.”

Tay straddles me. I lift her up and slowly slide my dick into her. She is so wet. She fits me perfectly. Her insides have been molded to fit me and I can’t think of any other place I want to be. I told Tay in place while I allow her pussy to warm me up. She starts to tighten around me. She knows how to get me going.  She starts to move her lower half up and down, slow then fast, then slow again. She does this thing where she makes her ass go round in a circle while she moves up and down my shaft.  She knows I love this move. She continues to do it until I am close to my second orgasm of the night. She stops and leans down and kisses me. I kiss her back. I put my arms around her give her a tight hug.  I start to pump my dick in her, harder and harder. She is so small but she takes the dick like a champion. I flip us over and place her feet on my chest. I slowly start to pump in and out of her as I place some of her toes on her right foot in my mouth. She loves when I suck on her toes. She loves when I suck on any part of her body. I place her legs around my neck and lean back on my knees. I admire Tay from this view. Her titties are so perfect. Her skin is glistening with sweat, a mixture of mine and hers. She is so beautiful when she is being fucked by me. I want to give her all of me. I want to become one with her. I want to deposit my deepest of loves into her. I want to be the man she comes home to. I want to be with this woman.

“Baby, why did you stop? I am close.”

“I just want to look at your beautiful face. Worship your magnificent body. I love you.”

“I love you, too”

I start moving in and out of her again. She is so slick. So tight, and so warm. She is mine. I speed up my pace. I slow down. I lean down and lick her breasts. I kiss her. I move in and out again. I make love to my future wife.

“Baby, make me cum.” she whispers. I slow down my pace. Then speed up again. I take it slow again. I want to make this orgasm last for her. I want her to feel every ounce of me. Tay starts to tighten around my dick and I know she isn’t far from reaching her peak. Tay starts to contract around me and I know I am close to my edge. Tay cums first and I shoot my load right into her.

She kisses me when we catch our breath.

Later she gets up and goes to clean herself off. She comes back with a warm washcloth and wipes me off. She is such a sweet heart. I pull her into bed with me and wrap my body around hers. Being with her just feels right. I feel complete. I know where I belonged. I know who has my heart.


Tay pours a pitcher of ice cold water on me.

“Tay?!?!? What the fuck is wrong with you?” I yell as I wipe my face and search for something to dry my body off with.

“I am going to tell you this once, get the fuck out of my house before I mace you.” She says calmly. She is standing over me wearing a hoodie, jeans and sneakers. In her right hand, she has a canister of pepper spray. The empty pitcher is in her left hand.

“Baby, what is wrong? Why are you dressed like that?” I glance at the clock on her nightstand.  “it’s 3:05 in the morning. What is wrong with you?”

“Get out my house. Go to Keith’s!” She yells.  She throws my phone and it hits me directly in my face.

“Baby, what are you talking about?” I play dumb. There is no way she could’ve found out about Keith.

“Your phone wouldn’t stop going off after you fell asleep and I went looking for it to turn it off. I couldn’t sleep. I glanced at your screen and saw where Keith texted and asked if you made it home, bae. He also said ‘thanks for the money and the dinner’. You’ve been fucking with a man the entire time we been together?” Her voice quivers and she starts to cry.

I reach out for her. She pulls away and walks to the opposite end of her bedroom.

“Don’t touch me, you nasty ass faggot. You forgot to delete ya message thread. At first I thought maybe you just had another bitch’s name as Keith, so I decided to look in the messages. Then I saw the dick pictures. I just spent the last hour of my life finding out my fiancé is a fuck boy and a gay one at that. Or bisexual. What do you identify as?  I won’t lie, Keith has an impressive size dick. I can imagine you putting that all in your mouth.  I saw the video he sent of him giving you head; shit I see why you didn’t want head from me earlier.  I was impressed.  You are a nasty ass nigga. You could’ve given the both of us an STD or even HIV. I really want to kill you right now. I suggest you get out of my house.” She says.

I don’t know what to say.

“Baby, it’s not like that. I get checked every month. I would never jeopardize either of you.”

“Excuse me? You think because you get checked, that makes it ok? You love him, don’t you? And me?! HOW IN THE HELL DOES THAT WORK? Actually I don’t want to know. I can’t believe what you just said. ‘I get checked every month.’ It doesn’t matter! You were in a full blown relationship with the both of us! Did you propose to him also? Did you send him flowers every week while he was in school? Did you go to every family function with him? Did he comfort you while your grandfather was in the hospital dying? Do your nieces and nephews call him to ask if they can spend the weekend with him?  No! I do all that shit! I DO!” she falls to her knees. I walk toward her.

“Robert, I promise if you touch me, I will kill you.”

She starts to cry again.

“Robert, I can’t believe this. If it was another woman, I would be pissed but I would understand. I mean I have been working like crazy and I know I haven’t been the best significant other lately but this is just a betrayal I can’t move on from. I can’t be with you knowing there is a chance you may leave me for another man. You never even gave me the choice of deciding if I wanted to be with a bisexual man. You took that choice from me. You really are the biggest piece of shit that I have ever met in my life!”

“Baby, tonight made me realize that I want to be with you. I was going to end it with Keith tomorrow.”

“Robert, do I look like an idiot? But frankly, I don’t give a fuck. You can go back to Keith. I am not going to ruin your little relationship. I really should pop a cap in your ass for dicking me down after you got that man to give you head earlier today. You really are a disgusting ass nigga. I hate you. I don’t ever want to see you again. Don’t call me. Don’t text me. Don’t think about me. Fuck you and everything you stand for.”

Tay starts to grab anything in her room that reminds her of me and throws it at me.

“Get the fuck out. Get all of your shit and get out my house.” She says calmly as she wipes her tears away.

“Baby, I love you.” I plead. I don’t know what to say. I can’t lose her.

“Robert. Get. Your. Shit!!” She pushes me out of her room and toward the front door.

“Tay, let’s just talk about it.”  I get on my knees and hug her waist. I kiss any part of her body that I can reach.

“Robert, if I ask you again to leave, I will call one of my big ass cousins over here to whoop ya ass! Now leave.”  She continues toward the front door. I get off my knees and follow her. I look at her one last time before I walk out. Her eyes are dim. Tears are streaming down her face. The bright-eyed girl that I bumped into at Lennox is nowhere to be found. I ruined this woman. I put my own selfish desires above my love for her and I lost her.

I walk outside and she slams the door.

I slowly make my way to my car. I notice immediately that something isn’t right. My car is sitting lower than normal.

All I can do is laugh. Laugh and cry.

Tay flatten all four of my tires and on the side of my car she wrote in red spray paint:

“I like my dick sucked by men.”

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