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Fiction Series: A Nice Backstroke - Lusty Number 7

Fiction Series: A Nice Backstroke - Lusty Number 7

The universe hates me.

Only I would be employing the younger brother of the man my ex fiancé was cheating with.

I, Tay Elizabeth Smith, am currently employing the younger brother of the man my ex fiancé was in an entire relationship with.

Someone help me.


He looks at me.

“How did I not know you had an older brother named Keith?”

“We don’t call him Keith. He and I have different moms. Keith is named after our father so I call him KJ.  I have mentioned KJ before. We aren’t as close as we use to be. After we fucked up Robert’s car that night, Keith decided to move.”

“Wait, hold up one second. Y ’all fucked up his car too??!”

“Bitch. ABSOLUTELY.  So let me fill you in….”

Aaron tells me about Keith knocking Robert our and after he confronted him about the damage I caused to his car.

I laughed; long and hard

“So wait, Keith knocked that trifling nigga out?” I ask in between tears.

“Yes! I met him at Robert’s mechanic’s shop. Keith and I were roommates at the time. I took everything out the fridge. Eggs, milk, old Chinese food, water, veggies, fruit, liquor, flour, juice and mixed it in the blender. Well everything except the liquor. Put it in a bowl. Keith and I smeared that all over his car. We called a couple of homeboys over and we took all the tires off the car, left that shit sitting on bricks. Keith bust out all his windows while he was drinking the liquor I brought him. We went home and Keith cried himself to sleep. He didn’t eat for a week. Finally, he announced that he was moving to Dallas to stay with our dad. I occasionally talk to him. Robert ruined my brother.”

“Well that makes two of us. This is crazy. I can’t believe that’s your brother.”

“I can’t believe you are the ‘fish’.”

I start laughing again.

“When was the last time your brother talked to Robert? Also, your brother’s head game made mine improve.”

“Tay, why are you such a hoe? You don’t miss out on improving your sex game. But the last time I heard, it was when Keith knocked him out. Robert sends him money on his birthday and holidays.”

“Oh. He does the same for me. I donate it to one of the charities. Man, God is so funny. When I saw him yesterday, I asked if his family knew he was still messing with men. He said no. Yet he is still giving your brother money. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we got married. How different my life would be now. The night I found out about your brother, he told me he was going to end it. I don’t believe that after talking to you.”

“Wow.  Atlanta is too damn small. I agree with you, I don’t think he would have stopped talking to either of you. I can’t wait to talk to Keith and tell him this.”

“How do you think he will react?”

“I don’t know. But he can’t be mad at you. You didn’t lie to him.”

“Well I am totally over Robert, but if Keith wants to talk, we can. I have no ill will towards him. I am happy that I found out. Robert fooled everyone. I really prayed that he was doing better but I don’t think he is. I just want him to be the best he can be. Even if that means he is with another man. Just embrace your truth. Shit I embraced mine. I love men, but there is nothing like a woman allowing me to dominate her. That’s my truth. That is also my business.  But I don’t lie to anyone when they ask. I am not about to be in a relationship with a man and not let him know about the women I date and vice versa. Robert had Keith and I fooled about him. Would I have dated Robert if I knew he was bisexual? No. Now? Maybe. The man would have to be honest about it.”

“You just preached a word. I get that. I will tell Keith about our conversation. I think that may be good for you both.”

“I hope so, Aaron.”

Every part of me is telling me the opposite. Hopefully, Keith would be cool. Hopefully.

3 days later.

A beautiful, well-dressed man walks into the salon, as I am sitting at the front desk. Aaron is out running some errands for me.  This beautiful stranger is about 6’0 and has the most flawless caramel skin I have ever seen.  He has a very well kept beard and I could see myself riding his beard into the sunset. This stranger looks so familiar, but I can’t figure out why.

“Hi!” I say enthusiastically, “welcome to Tay’s Chair. How can I help you?”

“Hi Tay. My name is Keith. I just wanted to personally meet the fucking cunt that ruined my life.”

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