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Who Should Direct Bad Boys 3?

Who Should Direct Bad Boys 3?

Ah man, here we are once again! I'm just going to come out and ask it…what the hell is going on with this Bad Boys franchise? I'm a huge fan, and it should not take this long to get a 3rd movie going, Bad Boys starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence was introduced to us in 1995, fast forward to 2003 was finally get a classic over the top sequel in Bad Boys 2, now 14 years later after numerous rumors, script changes and development hell news, there's supposedly a third movie coming in November 2018 but there is one problem, it has lost its director. Joe Carnahan (director of Smokin’ Aces, Narc, A-Team & The Grey) signed on last year to write and direct Bad Boys 3 while giving us some pre-viz images of the movie, according to Carnahan the title wasn't going to be Bad Boys 3, it was titled Bad Boys For Life; is it a cool title? Yeah, but for the wrong movie, if you're going to call it ‘Bad Boys 4 Life’ save it for the 4th installment; that would make perfect sense.

According to Joe Carnahan, his idea for the movie sound very promising, in a interview last year he stated that this Bad Boys film would be very grounded and that Will and Martin would have multiple villains after them, for example after the second film, all these years they have been on the force, Marcus and Mike Lowrey have made so many enemies that they're coming after them, Joe explains it as a "multi-headed hydra", and it will show the growth the two while still being funny, sounds like a great plot to me so far, but this is where the bad and good news kicks in.

The bad part is unfortunately Carnahan has left the project, some reports said creative differences and some said scheduling conflicts, Joe confirmed on his Twitter that it was a scheduling issue and nothing else, the fact that he's working on Uncharted, writing, producing and directing the American version of The Raid and now has signed on to write and potentially direct the X-Force film, he definitely won't have time for Bad Boys. So now on to the good part, Bad Boys might be delayed but the release date is still set for November 9 2018, and now Sony is already on track looking for a new director, matter of fact, reports say there's 3 directors on Sony's list so there's still some hope there isn't a push back release date and hopefully pre-production will start late summer/fall. I'm very interested to see who's on Sony's list for directors, as long as they keep Carnahan's script and don't change anything drastic to where the film's release date shifts again, I'm all in, I put together a list of who I think should take the helm of Bad Boys 3:

Michael Bay - Why wouldn't Sony contact Bay about this, he's claims he's done with Transformers for good and there's nothing on his schedule right now, they should just give him a check with the craziest budget and let him do this because lets be real here, what's a Bad Boys movie without the genius of Michael Bay, stylish action, gunfights, car chases etc., especially how film looks with the new technology, he'll smoke this movie, bring him back.

F. Gary Gray - Somebody should get Gary Gray on the phone right now, Fast 8 isn't even out yet but everything from the trailer looks amazing, the action looks ridiculous once again but that's what we love about the newly revamped franchise, I would love to see Bad Boys directed by F. Gary Gray, with the chemistry he brought together with Vin Diesel and Larenz Tate on A Man Apart and the rest of his films, he definitely could make Will & Martin the best duo in the league.

Antoine Fuqua - This probably won't happen but it would be cool to see, Fuqua and Sony had a hit in September with Magnificent Seven and I loved that movie, the action sequence at the end of the film proved that Fuqua knows what he's doing, I mean he directed Training Day, what more can you ask for? This probably will not happen because he dropped out of the Scarface remake to focus on Equalizer 2.

David Ayer - Yes, Suicide Squad wasn't all that great of a film, I can still watch it but I think WB should've let Ayer do it his way but of course that didn't happen, Will Smith and Viola Davis saved that film, but what if Ayer directed Bad Boys? The Deadshot scenes in Suicide Squad was fire, especially when he took over killing the villains in the street, that was a classic/vintage Will Smith moment. Ayer just also finished wrapping up Bright starring Will Smith exclusively for Netflix, we don't know much about it but Will said in an interview last week it's Training Day mixed with Lord of The Rings, and if you see the teaser trailer and production stills, this looks like a gritty, dirty, fantasy cop movie, Ayer could bring that to Bad Boys (without the fantasy Lord of The Rings part).

Gareth Evans - If you haven't seen The Raid 1 & 2, please do now, it's some of the best action films ever from the fighting, shooting and car chases, Gareth is currently on board producing the American version of The Raid with Joe Carnahan, so maybe Carnahan can give him his script for Bad Boys 3 and let Evans takeover to direct, that would be insane, a Bad Boys film with The Raid action sequences, already a classic.

Honorable Mentions:

John Woo (Hard-Boiled)

David Leitch/Chad Stahelski (John Wick 1 & 2, Deadpool 2, Atomic Blonde)

Justin Lin (Fast Five, Fast 6)

I just want this movie to happen, and I hope Sony keeps Bad Boys 4 on the list so we can officially get the ‘Bad Boys 4 Life’ title, as many years that went by and it's only 2 of these films made, us Bad Boys fans should've at least had 5 or 6 of these made already, if the rumors are true about Will Smith also hands-on as a producer as well as Jerry Bruckheimer, maybe we can get more installments, I mean Fast & Furious has 8 movies (although I only enjoy 4-current) and Transformers has 5 movies so why the hell not continue the franchise as much as you can without Hollywood trying to reboot it or turn it into a TV show in the next 5 years.

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