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A Poem For The People: Black Bodies

A Poem For The People: Black Bodies

All I see...

…is Black bodies around me

Innocent faces and some guilty

We die from each other and die from police.

Either way we cry and try to cope with the bittersweet symphony

Bullets fly and life itself becomes a distant memory

And we try so hard to be strong but it's taking all our energy...eyes closed trying to identify the enemy.

They told me its systemic, trickle down hatred, we've been brainwashed and ran through the matrix.

They told me it's institutionalized and structural placement to keep the devils in the penthouse and the angels in the basement.

Divide and conquer, they put us all in the boiling hot pot and watch us burn, put us in bad schools so we can't learn, limit the amount of jobs so we can't earn, and even when we had skills we had to wait our turn.

We still taking time to make progress, lock us up with no due process, two million black bodies behind bars with no options and still being told were the problem.

Let me come over and take food out your babies mouth, kick your father out, slash your wages by 60% and then see you make a way out of no way.

You can't make enough working forty plus so that dust becomes the new currency.

What worries me even when all the facts are present they're still people who believe you can achieve against the odds.

That's like trying to call a bluff while showing your cards, buying gas before you get the car, walking around in broad day looking for stars.. I mean GOD...

If there is one why haven't you killed my enemies?

Why so many Black bodies around me?

You telling me all that communion wine and Sunday wafers can't keep us out of jail and the papers?

Why they still killing our boys and raping our women, why can't I protect them why are we still begging?!

I'm full of questions,

And I'll keep searching for answers...

…until they're no more black bodies

Dear, Marc Jacobs...Signed, A Black Man

Dear, Marc Jacobs...Signed, A Black Man

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