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A Poem For The People: Black Bodies II

A Poem For The People: Black Bodies II

Flesh, blood and bones.

We turn to dust and that dust turns into stone.

And that stone becomes monuments for the throne.

The throne that our bodies were built up on. 

A vicious cycle.

And all that I still see, are black bodies around me. 

Captivated and motivated by the booming of the 808's.

Marching in protest while swag surfing to the sounds of unrest.

Climbing flag poles and dismantling the images of conquest.

Men and women in all shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Kinky hair, weaves, twist outs, braids, dark ceasers with waves, close shaves, big beards, hips, lips, asses and breasts.

Tattoo's, bare skin, piercings, Mac gloss, MCM bags, latest J's, masculine energy and feminine ways. 

Beard gang and no filters, Kappas, Deltas and Greek's, athletes, play boys and girls, scammers and geeks.

We weren't carved out of that Plymouth Rock. 

We didn't come up from underneath one either. 

We took lime, granite, and sandstone and built the ancient 9th wonders that charted out the starts for the first dreamers navigation.

We led the call for freedom from the first plantations and the shot that rang out for freedom entered our chest. 

Our mothers and fathers were made martyrs. Sons and daughters political prisoners of war on our homelands. 

I understand life's circle is unending.

Nothing new of our struggles on this soil or foreign lands. 

There isn't a corner where one can go to hide from the ever present residue of oppression it comes from all sides and every direction with aggression.

Black bodies are so precious.

Can we create a new NEW world for our people not just equal but unchained from physical and mental bonds?

Where the word "God" isn't greeted with scoffs and our prayers and thoughts aren't only a collective when a gun goes off?

Where freedom isn't an illusion or an intrusion of someone else's rights?

These are the thoughts that keep me up at night...

And I'll be damned if I closed my eyes to the cries of another mother, father, sister, brother, or child demonized by the rhetoric of CNN or Fox 5 that the most important thing a person can do on this Earth is stay alive...

When we are not even prioritized. 

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