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Boyz N the Hood at 25

Boyz N the Hood at 25

It's been 25 years since the classic movie Boyz N The Hood was released, 25 years and it's still a powerful movie today, and John Singleton directed the shit outta this film and probably should've won best director that year. It's funny how the more you watch movies you start to point and figure out different shit as you watch, this time around its hits me that out of all the characters in 'Boyz', Furious Styles and Doughboy (yes Doughboy) were the highlights of the movie. Doughboy was everybody's favorite character but he's not acknowledged the right way, of course he got caught up in the street life but that wasn't 100% his fault.

"I ain't got no brother. Got no mother either, she loved that fool more than she love me."

Was Dough a bad ass kid growing up, yeah you can say that but let's not forget he didn't have a father in his life to raise him, according his homie Dookie, Dough and Ricky got different dad's and that's why Dough was always treated differently from Ricky, but you gotta blame the mother also, at the beginning of the movie where Tre, Ricky, Doughboy and Lil Chris go out, Doughboy is getting cussed out by his mother calling him a "fat fuck", telling him he won't be shit just like his daddy, kind of fucked up when you think about it, I mean what mother tells her own child that, that alone could mentally fuck the child's head up but it didn't get to Dough, of course he went to jail for stealing and kept getting locked up after but even himself said he was trying to stay his ass out for good, and at least the mother wanted him to on that side when she asked Tre to talk some sense into his brain at the welcome home party.

"Yeah mothafucka, I ain't no criminal, I can read bitch!"

Doughboy was smart, yes he was, even if he was caught up in the streets and possibly joined the Rollin 60s. He might of never made it to high school but D knew his shit, you would think he would be the ignorant type to tell his friends on the porch where to find good looking women, he called Dookie and Lil Chris all dumbasses for their suggestions, even had to let Monster know the college recruiter was about business when he came to see Rick. Despite trying to school his friends on the aspect of religion he also had to warn Dookie at the welcome home party about fucking dope heads and catching aids, of course it's the obvious shit but that's what makes Dough a special character, he had a foul mouth no doubt about that but that's how he was raised and what he was raised around.

"Ain't nobody going to church to catch no bitches, I should roll yo ass off this porch with that stupid shit"

"Fool you don't go college to be talkin to no bitches, your black ass 'posed to be learning something, can't learn shit talkin to no stupid ass bitch"

When Ricky got into it with Farris, Doughboy was quick to protect his brother with no hesitation, even though they fought before Ricky gets killed, that's just typical brother behavior, the whole twisted part about Ricky's death is after they bring him home the mother and girlfriend instantly try to blame Doughboy for Ricky getting shot, the mother damn near tries to choke Dough herself, Doughboy tries to take the baby away from the girl and she denies him, it's almost like If It was D that got killed first the mother probably wouldn't have cared as much and her words would have probably been "he had it coming anyway". The night the gang goes riding out looking for Farris, Tre makes the dumbest decision he ever made in his life, Tre wasn't brought up in the street life, he actually had a father to raise him right and he wanted to go against that for his friend, after thinking it over he suddenly turned into the Mr. Krabs meme and told Doughboy to let him out, and all that time Dough realized why Tre got out.

"I know why you got out the car last night...shouldn't of been there in the first place, you don't want that shit to come back to haunt you"

 "Next thing you know somebody might try to smoke me, don't matter though, we all gotta go sometime"

Farris and his boys get shot at the parking lot of the burger joint, after riding around 3 hours Dough got his revenge, but as you watch where Dough get out the car full of passion and executes Farris, Doughboy pointing the gun in the heat of the moment, as Farris screams "fuck you, I ain't pull the fucking trigger", Doughboy shoots him twice, and it looks like he's looking in shock like he knew retaliation was coming for him next, I don't know if Dough was crying with blood on his face or if was just the blood from Farris, on a cinematic side, yes it's a cool scene and 1 of the best in history, including the background music, but it's also crazy and sad, Dough realized killing Farris wasn't gonna bring Ricky back but he had to finish it off, not to mention there were 3 bullets for his gun that night, that's why you see Monster with the AK47, most likely Doughboy only had 3 bullets than just needing 3 bullets. The next morning Dough wakes up super early and talks to Tre about it, also mentions the news talking about living in a violent world but didn't have anything on his brother, most people might not think about it but Doughboy is the friend you needed growing up, he always had his friends and brothers back, he didn't even question why Tre got out the car or even trip why he did that night, if anything he probably thought about it while looking for Farris, when Tre told him to meet him at his house in 5 minutes he looked at him like he shouldn't get involved. If Dough had a father like Furious who knows what life he would have lived, but he got caught up in the streets early, his mom could have raised him and Ricky but that's life too. After seeing Ricky buried 2 weeks later Doughboy was murdered, and you could bank on it being Farris's homies in retaliation. I couldn't believe reading the bottom of the screen and seeing "2 weeks later Doughboy was murdered", Ice Cube played that role perfect, we might be talking bout Oscar perfect too.

Some facts we didn't know about Boyz N The Hood:

Eddie Murphy was once considered for the role of Furious Styles.

• Will Smith was first approached for the role of Tre but had schedule issues.

• The roles of Dookie, Monster, and Lil Chris were for NWA

• Not a fact but Poetic Justice was the next movie after Boyz and kind of set in the same universe if you wanna call it that, in the beginning you see the actor who was Dookie in Boyz tell 2pac he looking for some busters to jack, also telling Pac somebody named Lil D got killed the other night, maybe Lil D was Doughboy? When Chicago hits Iesha she tells him she's gonna get Dookie and Monster to shoot Chicago, even though Regina King played almost the same role in Boyz she had a different name but it's obvious Monster and Dook were taking over the set after Dough was killed.

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