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That's That Bullshit Vol. 6

That's That Bullshit Vol. 6

Do people listen to Jay-Z music or skim thru it? The reason he’s the GOAT is because he speaks directly to & for us. He wasn’t rapping in alien, I’m sure it was a human language.

Anyone care to think that his feet are also in Beyoncé’s face? Some people can only see as far as someone shows them.

Beyoncé is the most amazing performer alive.

One time for Diana Gordon’s pen game.

The dialogue on Money & Violence is like 1 long IG caption.

Phil Jackson is real close to me telling him to get out my face. It’s like he’s creating Kurt Rambis in his image but doesn’t realize he stinks.

Drake doing what Spike Lee used to do but

Tori Brixx IG feed is worth the price of admission.

When did everyone become so fond of Haitians and become “Zoe”? You motherfuckers didn’t earn being Haitian, you didn’t get ridiculed for being Haitian and have to crack jokes or fight every other day because of it. Zoe is to the bone, so this shit engraved in my fucking DNA and y’all running around with using us as a new lingo, go fuck yourselves to the zoe, word to Zoe.

You ever see a celebrity in Haiti at night? They run to take pictures

There should be an age limit to how old you can be on the road; circle of life.

Careless Whisper is my current happy place song.

I lost all the misogyny in my jokes and my life in general, and lost all the ain’t shit people I was cool with; go figure. Thank God cuz now I’m no longer feel responsible for the dumb shit they say and/or do.

My self-awareness is at 99 in life right now. Which essentially means how anyone else feels or says doesn’t mean shit to me right now if the not around me.

I rather be great than famous or even popular. As a kid thinking money and all the trappings of it were the byproduct of fame/popularity, to realizing the famous and popular people are just driven by that

I’d like to thank myself for never trying to be all in the young nigga mix. I don’t talk like, dress like and definitely don’t think like them. That’s no knock on them but I don’t want to write or try to be “down” like the old dude in the club wearing tight jeans cuz MC Tweet Tweet said it was ok. I speak to and for my generation, not to keep up with anyone cuz they damn sure can’t keep up with me.

If someone asks “what happened?” before asking, “are you ok?”, you don’t need them around you.

It’s weird how people look for things in my writing to be about them; I’m at a place where if something I write is about you, I’d say something to you about it. Stop fishing for yourself in my work; my work is more important to me than anyone. So there’s that.

Speaking of writing, I don’t write intricate over the top shit with words I pretend to know. I speak to, not at or try to be over people’s heads in my writing. Having said that, you know how much I resent explaining my shit? Like comprehension is a basic ass skill; that shouldn’t be a skill, more like 2nd nature.

I was thinking about critics the other day and no I won’t say I have haters like I’m some rapper with an agenda. And while I get the appeal of getting to enjoy something early or for free, all fine and well but I think to when I was a kid, I didn’t say, “Oh man, when I grow up I can’t wait to get paid for judging the shit out of shit I wasn’t good enough to create myself.”

If I ever sent you or suggested a book for you to read, you better have fucking read it. Don’t take that shit for granted.

What is it about profanity that makes me laugh? They’re just words but when I hear them they make me smile, no matter the context.  Unless you think you can curse me out, to which I’d laugh at you in your face.

I don’t have the energy to dislike people these days but man Shaun King is a fucking herb.

Being a minimalist is some dope ass shit. Especially with how much energy you save not having conversations that don’t inspire you at all.

Drake’s album didn’t move me and I actually like Drake a lot but music should be a moment for me, like I need to be able to remember the 1st time I heard something and this album was uneventful for my ears.

TLOP still the best album I’ve heard all year; still don’t ever want to hear Kanye speak if it’s not in music form though.

I don’t want to integrate myself with “major” companies. I need them to integrate themselves with me. I don’t want to be under an umbrella, I need and have my own.

Steph Curry is so good at basketball that he’s becoming a definition or a description to people in other fields doing great shit. You have to be one sick motherfucker to be an adjective.

Prince dying made me want to make sure I always appreciate my idols while they’re still here. I wrote a book 2 years ago with how Jay-Z lyrics apply to my life and now I’m working on doing something for Martin Lawrence.

Sometimes I wonder if I want that to be part of my legacy, meaning do I want people to care about me so much that they “honor” me or am I still ok with knowing 20 years after I’m gone, I’ll be the symbol of inspiration for someone, somewhere.

Other people gaining success doesn’t make me jealous or feel the need to compete; it inspires me and makes me happy for them. Unless you question your own ability, there’s never a need to be jealous and I know what I think of my talent and work ethic.

You can’t compete with someone who doesn’t want the same thing as you and even then, you’re competing for each other because doors open doors.

People who wear white socks creep me out.

Derek Fisher was a Laker, no real surprise to him being a scumbag.

Ever hit your toe on something and just know that it was God telling you to fall back?


Anyhow, I’m out, remember to brush your tongue and speak no evil or your breath will stink.

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