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Choices - a poem

Choices - a poem

I adored you 

Held you to the highest standards 

Spoiled you 

Put none before you 

It was horrible 

Because in you 

I lost me 

Friends and family 

You cost me 

Blinded by the belief 

That you'd be the last one to cross me 

Woe is mine 

The slow decline 

Began when I lost my spine 

Allowing you to dictate everything 

And effectively control my mind 

New Girl New Me 

The allure 

it consumed me 

Lost in the fasade 

While the demon in you doomed me 

With bridges burned 

And friendships eroding quickly 

It wasn't until I saw your true side 

That reality finally hit me 

I let this girl pull me 

from the ones that were truly with me 

You said jump

My feet would take off swiftly 

Too scared to lose you 

Never meant to confuse you 

If family gave me a second chance 

I would undoubtedly 



I was busy loving you

Busy leading you, while 

They were busy leaving you

I wasn't pulling you

I was choosing you, consistently

Though your loyalty was fleeting

Back and forth 

It's me or your family

In my mind, it was never

Me or your family

It wasn't me nor your family

It was you, leaning and 

Swaying, under the pressure of perfection

I'm not perfect but I've been your

Blessing, thought I was lucky to

Have known you, you were lucky to

Have known me and you should

Thank God you still know me

After having to go to war with your friends

Sit in silence

While you let them 

Rip me to pieces

With their words

Those weren't even my demons

They were yours

Did you ever tell them how I saved you?

Did you tell them I covered you? 

Did you tell them how I was there

When they neglected to show up for you?

Did you fight for us?

In my absence...

I'm not fighting for snaps and cute captions

I continued to ride for you

Enduring their judgement and lashings 

We fight and their

Sending subliminals, 

Hit you in the group chat

Shaking hands with your misery

Sending I told you sos and laughing

And I stayed, in love. 

I'll never be perfect but

I'm worth it.

So, if there's still a choice to be made,

Be certain. 

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