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The Cloverfield Anthology

The Cloverfield Anthology

With the release of 10 Cloverfield Lane coming to Blu-ray really soon, people are still confused about the concept of this movie and how does it tie in to the 2008 Cloverfield, which is still one of the best monster movies ever made. The first Cloverfield introduced a new wave to film including sparking up the found footage direction again ala The Blair Witch Project in 1999, the marketing campaign for Cloverfield was fucking crazy, we never seen anything like this, the first teaser trailer was shown before Transformers in summer 2007, nobody knew what it was when it first debut, all it showed was a party happening, explosions, someone screaming "it's alive it's huge!", then out of nowhere the head from the Statue of Liberty goes flying into street, crazy shit right? At the very end of the teaser the date 1-18-08 popped up and that was it, there was all kinds of theories about the movie being a new Power Rangers film to a brand new Godzilla, come to find out, it was "some thing" we never seen before. The viral marketing campaign for Clovefield was amazing, from YouTube videos that look like real news footage to Slusho (the drink company from Japan in the movie) t-shirts selling and nobody had a clue what they were, which all leads to several questions...what exactly is this thing? 

The monster is not named Cloverfield, its not even named Clover I believe, from the beginning of the movie the U.S. Army/government is watching the footage Hud and Rob captured while trying to survivng the night of attack in NYC, Cloverfield is what the U.S. Gov/Army renamed Central Park because that's where the last battle took place before they eventually killed the monster and possibly nuked the city, now what caused the monster to rise from the ocean? At the very end you'll see an object (most likely a satellite) fall from the sky and land in the ocean, during the viral campaign there's also and random huge oill spill with a roar in the background, and it's also the Seabed's Nectar found in the Slusho drink that causes you to blow up and explode like Marlena after she got bit by the little parasites from the monster. Which brings you to 10 Cloverfield Lane years later...

According to JJ Abrams in a interview, the monster was killed and NYC was fucked, but it wasn't the only one, JJ said that was just a baby terrorizing the damn city looking for it's mom, so is there another monster still out there?, we don't know but it seems like it. Fast forward to 2016 you have 10 Cloverfield Lane, with a surprise trailer in front of 13 Hours shit gets real, all you see is 3 people in a house playing board games, music, eating then out of nowhere a woman hits John Goodman's character in the head with a bottle, why? You should know if not already, she steals his keys and suddenly runs upstairs to the tunnel, locked in a cellar/bunker she tries to escape until she sees what's going on outside. Throughout the movie Goodman's character worked for a satellite company to only find out some serious shit is gonna go down soon, whatever Goodman was looking at in space is what's connected to 10 Cloverfield Lane. 

The viral marketing wasn't heavy as it was for its predecessor but there is 1 video on YouTube that will explain everything for this movie, it's an audio file from a USB Drive discussing what the hell they found in space. I think Goodman's character knew about the Seabed's Nectar, the Martians making their weapons making the Russians weapons look like NERF toys, the deadly effects to the Nectar, and without a doubt was told by the government to keep quiet, why you think he built the bunker in 10 Cloverfield Lane?! *Spoiler*, also Goodman had a barrel of acid or the Nectar in the bunker with him, why? Who knows, but after the girl escapes the bunker she goes outside and everything is cool until she sees a big ass spaceship spraying contaminated green mist, when she blows it up she turns on the radio and hears a person clearly stating that they have took back the northern boarder (New York?) and asking for help to fight the aliens in Houston or go to safe place in New Orleans, she makes a right and goes to Houston to fight not knowing there is 1 more spaceship in the air...So what is next, we'll see when the 3rd drops soon, until then, look at some of these clues and step into the Twilight Zone. 

Cloverfield Clues

• Slusho

• The Taguarto Company

• NASA, satellites

• The Russian Weapons

• The "Martians"

• Cloverfield is the government name for Central Park, is 10 Cloverfield Lane the government street for the aliens?

• Blackout on the east coast was referenced in 10 CL, possibly the NY attack

• Bold Futura - technology company Goodman's character worked for who was responsible for the falling satellite in 2008 Cloverfield

• Green mist from the spaceships (cleaning out the population)

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