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Conflicted Meets Conclusion

Conflicted Meets Conclusion


I can now say with certainty how I feel.

I love you, that's what matters.

But it's odd, it's not quite love.

Or perhaps, it is a love like none before it.


My heart burns with desire, but not that of youth.

My brain obliges, "We love her."

My heart says with certainty, "it is for her that I beat."

My brain says "that's foolish, you beat for me and me alone!"

My heart lashes out, "she is life, she is I."


I enjoy your presence, finding solace even in your silence.

I never want you to leave, for it is then that I'm alone.

The spark is very much there, present in the unspoken understanding.


In your absence, I think of you.

In your presence, I think of why...

I think of why time cannot just freeze in that moment forever.

I want to commit, but it seems unfair.


I need you, yet I'm not sure I want you.

My uncertainty doesn't derive from your qualities, but my own.

My uncertainty stems from my own belief that I could never be worthy.


But that is no fault of my own, for who could ever be so bold as to claim worth?

If Juliet is the sun, then you, my fair maiden, are the indescribable.

I could never sum up your qualities in verse, for it's not worthy.


Fortunately, life is a journey.

Forever I would spend it to work and be worthy.


One may wonder, what divine incarnation could drive a man to feel so crazily.

I would pity those who wonder, for you would be their unknown.

If they would foolishly ask me what I see in her, I could spend eternity responding.

I would say to them...


I love her green eyes that outclass the forests of Eden. 

I love her smile that lights up the world.

I love the way she laughs ever so genuinely at the smallest delights.

I love her ears that always listen to the problems of the troubled.

I love her mouth that never exposes those who entrust her with woes.

I love her voice that fills the harp with shame.

I love her heart that is never devoid of compassion.

I love her humility with which she cloaks her superiority.

I love her passion with which she chases her dreams and desires.

I love her charm with which she enchants all that cross her path.

I love her presence for it blinds me to the absence of anything else in my life.

I love the way she carries herself with confidence.

I love the way she demands excellence of herself, and those that dare share her company.

I love the way she selflessly does for others.

I love the way she takes my breath away with every glance.

I love the way my heart beats nervously at the thought of her.

I love the way she makes me love me.

I love her personality.

I love her soul for giving her life.

I love her aura.

I love... I love her. 

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