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Cross That Line

Cross That Line

What happens now that we’ve crossed that line?

Do we continue to pretend that everything is fine?

Do we adjust our brightness and dim it now?

Or should we simply let this boiling pot simmer down?

I’m still trying to figure out how.

It was always an idea but never supposed to be real.

There’s no reason why we should know how the other feels.

When I say, “feels”, I don’t mean on an emotional tip.

I say, “feels” as in those outer touches and that inner grip.

Oh shit.

I think we may have really fucked up this time.

You’re steady saying the fault is yours while I think that it’s all mine.

I judge each situation case by case but this time I’m not sure how to look you in your face.

The only reason that I say this is because I consider you a friend.

I’d hate for this to be the reason that we bring it to an end.

How did we get here?

Now that the damage is done and we can’t take back our actions,

It’s hard to act as if these things never happened.

I feel bad, I can’t front. At the same time, we tend to do exactly what we want.

We just went for it.

A night of tossing and turning turned into an early morning of saying next to nothing.

Silence is golden at times.

We didn’t need guidance. We let the silence guide us.

Should you speak first or let me?

The phone rang; perfect timing to break this somewhat awkward silence.

There’s no way to undo the previous night’s happenings.

We digest it and move on.

This will be no quick mission.

It literally takes time and mental strength.

We now begin the process of going great lengths to make it all make sense.

Better yet, let’s not stress it because everything will be just fine.

We just know better next time so let’s not cross that line.

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