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My Favorite DFS Plays for NFL Week 10

My Favorite DFS Plays for NFL Week 10

QB Ben Roethlisberger (FD$7700/DK$6800)

Fresh off an injury, Roethlisberger is very reasonably priced and that’s the main reason I’m interested in him this week. The pick is a little worrisome because the Cowboys excel in the art of keeping the opposing offense off the field. As much as that is a concern, I can’t pass up Roethlisberger at these prices. Even with the TOP concern, there could and probably should still be a lot of points in this game.

QB Trevor Siemian (FD$7200/DK$5600)

Trevor Siemian is relatively meh from whatever POV you want to view him. That being said, he’s playing against the Saints. The Saints are 31st in passing yards allowed and there should be quite a few points in this game. In short, just play QBs against the Saints.

QB Aaron Rodgers (FD$9000/DK$7600)

What can I say about Aaron Rodgers that hasn’t already been said in relation to fantasy football? Unlike last year, I’m leaning towards paying up at QB weekly. The Packers are wildly pass heavy at the moment and the Titans are ranked 20th in the NFL in pass defense. The return of James Starks doesn’t concern me because Starks isn’t good. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this game ended up as the highest scoring contest of the week.

QB Cam Newton (FD$7800/DK$6800)

Cam Newton has to have a great performance at some point soon right? It’s been a while since Cam has had a performance like the type that made him the best QB in fantasy last year. The Chiefs defense doesn’t provide a stiff test and Newton should be relatively underowned this week. This pick is more about “I want to be there when Cam finally explodes” than anything though. You were warned.

QB Carson Wentz FD ($6800 /DK$5400)

Wentz has a lot of things working in his favor in this game. Atlanta has scored a ton of points and they’ve also allowed the most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. They’ve also allowed the most touchdown passes to enemy quarterbacks this season. I think pairing him with Darren Sproles is an interesting tournament strategy.

RB David Johnson (FD$9400/DK$8400)

San Francisco is the worst rush defense on planet Earth. David Johnson is the best fantasy running back on planet Earth. 2+2=4.

RB Melvin Gordon (FD$8300/DK$7100)

The Miami Dolphins are 30th against the run. Gordon is a three down back who also contributes in the passing game. San Diego might blow the doors off Miami as well and that adds to Gordon’s appeal.

RB Lamar Miller Houston (FD$7500/DK$6400)

I think Miller makes for a good tournament play this week. He’s relatively forgotten and he hasn’t had a big game since week six against Indy. The Jaguars pass defense is pretty good, Brock Osweiler is not, and the Jaguars run defense is 24th in football. Miller could be in for a large workload.

RB Jordan Howard (FD$6900/DK$6000)

Jordan Howard is priced far too affordably for a guy who is an every down back and facing the fifth worst run defense in football.  He also works effectively as a pivot off of the more popular players at RB.

WR Jordy Nelson (FD$7700/DK$7500)

Packers and Titans should feature a lot of points. The Rodgers/Nelson stack has paid nice dividends over the last three weeks. I think there is a lot of potentially good plays in the Packers WR corps but it’s hard to finger point outside of Nelson. His security makes him a great play for my peace of mind and my DFS lineups hopefully.

WR J.J. Nelson (FD$5600/DK$4200)

J.J. Nelson is just a dart throw. Cardinal fans, writers, and coaches speak very highly of him. While I’ve never been impressed with him, lots of people who would know more than me like him. More importantly, they’re playing the Niners. Nelson has 11 catches and 163 yards the last two weeks. He apparently has immense upside, so why not?

WR Tyrell Williams (FD$5900/DK$5700)

I think Williams is overdue for an explosion. And given his combination of safety and potential for said explosion he’s still far too cheap. Travis Benjamin isn’t likely to play which may lead to an uptick in targets for Williams as well.

WR Emmanuel Sanders (FD$6500/dK$6800)

Yes, I’m advocating for a Siemian/Sanders stack. *throws up* Sanders ownership rate should be pretty low because of the uncertainty within the Broncos WR corps and he has multi touchdown upside in a game that may be a shootout.

WR Alshon Jeffery (FD$7200/DK$6600)

Jeffery is my favorite value WR play of the week. He’s been targeted 32 times in his last three games and he and Jay Cutler have a noticeable rapport on the field. Cutler made his return last week and Jeffery finally found the endzone. He also dropped another touchdown. The Buccaneers also boast a bottom five pass defense so I’m all in on Jeffery this week. Get him before the price rises.

TE Lance Kendricks (FD$4500/DK$3000)

I can’t remember the last time I suggested a Ram that wasn’t Todd Gurley in this space. However, it’s in my contract to suggest playing someone against the Jets “defense.”

TE Rob Gronkowski (FD$8000/DK$6900)

I feel like he will be relatively underowned because of the threat of the Seahawks. As in every other game, Gronk has 100 yard and two touchdowns kind of upside. As in every other game, Gronk has 100 yard and two touchdown kind of upside. Seattle is also somewhat vulnerable in the middle of the field.

TE Zach Ertz(FD$4600/DK$3700)

The Eagles targeted Ertz eight times last week and the Falcons have defended tight ends poorly this season. They’ve given up the sixth most yards and the most touchdowns. Ertz is a fine cheap play this week.

Rams D/ST- They’re playing against Ryan Fitzpatrick or Bryce Petty.

Jets D/ST - They’re playing against Case Keenum.

Texans D/ST - They’re playing against Blake Bortles. He turned the ball over six times in two games against them last season when he was allegedly “good.”

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