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The Knicks Trade for Derrick Rose...WHY?

The Knicks Trade for Derrick Rose...WHY?

The New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls completed a trade yesterday.

The Knicks send: PG Jerian Grant, C Robin Lopez, PG Jose Calderon

Bulls send: Derrick Rose, SF Justin Holliday, a 2017 second round pick.

I’ll lead off with this so my perspective is a little clearer. I absolutely hate watching Derrick Rose play basketball.  Back when he was an athletic specimen, he was more fun but since the deterioration of his body, his game is rather unwatchable.  Between the broken ass jumper, his love for taking jumpers, his apathetic defense and his general reluctance to pass the ball at times, I’ve never cared for his game. I will spare everyone and not talk about his 2011 beauty pageant MVP. So I think the trade was silly and I’ll explain why.

Last two seasons for Derrick Rose; the Chicago Bulls had a 96 offensive rating and 109 defensive rating with him on the court. Last season, Rose put up a pedestrian 16 PPG, 5 APG and 3 RPG on 42/29/79 shooting splits. The last two seasons for Derrick Rose haven’t been good. You can make whatever excuse you need in order to cope with this but that’s pretty much what it is.

Rose is 27 years old and in the final year of his contract in which he will get paid $21.3 million. Since his ‘MVP’ award in 2011, Rose has been plagued by injuries and has undergone three different knee surgeries and has missed 235 of 394 games in the process.

Derrick Rose's TS% was 32nd out of the 33 players who took as many shots as him in 2015-16. Only the remaining ashes of Kobe Bryant was worse

In theory, Derrick Rose is worth the shot. He was an explosive point guard not too long ago and Coach Hornacek does seem to want to push the pace and incorporate a great deal of pick and rolls into the offense. In theory the pick and pop with Rose and Porzingis could be something good? With Melo and Rose here, Porzingis is going to have long stretches where he feels like a bystander. Rose hasn’t had a usage of less than 27 since 2008. Yay!

The Knicks gave up a 2015 first round draft selection, a guy who was an expiring deal (Jose Calderon), and a good player on a great deal (Robin Lopez). Here is the disconnect for me. Why are the Knicks the ones giving up assets for a guy who hasn’t been above average since 2013? The Knicks are a rebuilding team. Robin Lopez ain’t knocking anybody’s socks off but isn’t part of the reason that you tear it down and get cap space is to get reliable, affordable players exactly like Robin Lopez? Isn’t it to get athletically gifted draft picks that you can mold under your control for “pennies” for four years? The Knicks treated Derrick Rose like a commodity when his play on the court says he’s an afterthought and someone you should’ve been able to get for dirty gym socks and a three pack of used condoms.

If the Knicks “wanted cap space” so badly, as so many Knick fans can’t WAIT to tell me, I’m sure they could’ve traded Lopez for something more practical. George Hill got traded for the #12 pick earlier in the day. Lopez could’ve fetched something like that either now, midseason or next year if they HAD to move him. Jose Calderon was already coming off the books. It just reeks of “needless trade and it feels like part of the Knicks never ending shiny toy syndrome. It’s not to the same degree as it was in the past but “Washed up vet with bad knees who USED to be good.. SIGN ME UP!!”

It feels like the Bulls should’ve been the one attaching assets to the deal given they don’t have to deal with the headache of Rose anymore but the “rebuilding” team is the one attaching a cheap known asset and a cheap asset with potential.

Rose is a below average NBA PG who doesn’t shoot or defend well. He hasn’t been good for three seasons and is in the middle of an ongoing sexual assault lawsuit. Why are the Knicks giving up anything of value for this? Is there some list of suitors for this guy? I doubt it but who knows? Maybe someone was willing to pull the trigger? Even the great Adrian Wojnarowski claimed that many executives were surprised at how much they gave up. Chances are, when you give up value for something that doesn’t have any value, surprise is generally how it’s met.

Is this some crippling trade? Probably not but I don’t know as it depends on what the follow up steps end up being. Trading something, regardless of how you may feel about the something, for nothing doesn’t make you feel good though especially when it leaves you wondering what exactly the plan is.

Watching Rose ignore Porzingis on wide open dives to the basket and take contested 22 footers that he sucks at is going to be dreadful. Watching him “guard” the pick and roll is probably going to make my remaining hairs fall out as well. Why the Knicks didn’t wait until July and give them a fuckin birthday card and some butterscotch candy, I’ll never know. It’s a low risk, low return kind of deal and that’s fine but it just made my basketball watching experience that much worse. I pray I’m wrong and Coach Horny (tehehe) can get the most out of him but I won’t be holding my breath. I just hope the Knicks will one day operate like a normal organization and the trade for Steve Fra..err, I mean Derrick Rose, is anything but normal.

And it’s funny that the Knicks traded for Rose on a day where Cleveland had their championship parade. And funnier that Knick fans are doing all of this defending of the trade when Rose was arguably the third best PG dealt on the day (George Hill, Jeff Teague). The Knicks, much like the Jets, just do shit that makes you scratch your head and contemplate. Hopefully this move doesn’t lead to a barrage of win now fuckery and I can live in a somewhat peaceful sports existence for like three days up until someone else tries to tell me Ryan Fitzpatrick is good at his job.

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