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Get Familiar: Lyssa Honey

Get Familiar: Lyssa Honey

In life you come across people who have a certain energy that captivates you. People whom you genuinely want to know more about.

Some, I've had the pleasure of building friendships with through social media over the years. Watching them venture off into new things and grow in different areas.

 Some more known that others, all interesting people to me and I like to do Q&As to let an audience hear the conversation.

Meet Lyssa...

Mariano: To people who saw you live tweeting the Grammys for Wendy Williams and may have asked, "Who is she?" How would you describe yourself?

Lyssa: I’m a princess… duh! LOL! Just kidding… Hmm, well let’s see I’m a make-up artist, a model, a media personality, and Long Island’s favorite socialite… Oh yeah, AND a princess.

M: How did the opportunity on such a big platform present itself to you and how did it make you feel?

L: I had two opportunities with Wendy. Her public relations team reached out to me. The first one was a little smaller, just asking questions on Twitter & picking winners for some Wendy prizes. How could I say no?! I was so stoked to work with her, ESPECIALLY on the Grammy’s. I still have no idea how they found me or why they picked me, but I am forever thankful for both opportunities and more to come.

M: I remember years ago seeing you heavily involved in ballet dancing; has that always been a passion of yours and are you still active today?

L: I started dancing when I was 3 years old. I’ve always loved to dance. I stopped dancing after college. I keep saying I’m going to start again, but I have yet to. I’m sure I will one day soon.

M: Before any decision, be it personal or business, how much does the effect of it on your actual brand influence your moves?

L: I have anxiety, so I over think EVERYTHING. Literally. However, sometimes my personal decisions I will react without thinking first. It’s weird; I either overthink or not think at all. Hopefully soon I can find a happy median. LOL

M: For those who are more familiar with you, your relationship with Dip Set is more than just music. How did that connection come about?

L: I’ve been a fan of Cam’ron for as long as I could remember. To this day, everything about him puts me in fan mode. The smallest thing to him liking an Instagram post will make my day, even though he’s called me his little sister. I’ll always be a fan first, but I love him & Momma Cam!

M: When it comes to modeling, how long has that been a part of your repertoire and what companies have you done such work for?

L: I always wanted to be a model growing up. I always wanted to be the pretty girl & the center of attention. I haven’t done anything major with my modeling yet, I’ve been focusing more so on my make-up career & becoming a media personality. I feel like everyone models these days. I’m trying to do it all just to make a name for myself. I do plan on focusing on modeling a little more in the near future. I’ve been discussing a few projects…

M: Take me through the process of when you began to lose weight and your mindset throughout.

L: From my biggest ever, I was 270 pounds. I am currently 144 pounds. I am damn near half the size I once was! My self-esteem was always horrible. Like I said, I always wanted to be the pretty girl and the center of attention; not the fat friend. It was finally time to stop fantasizing & start doing. I did cheat though. I had a lap band weight loss surgery. I will say, however, a lot of people whom have gotten the surgery don’t always lose as much as me OR keep the weight off. So kudos to me!

M: Rosa Acosta is someone who, over the years, I've witnessed you have a really vibrant and loving friendship with; how did you meet and was she instrumental in the weight loss as well?

L: I met Rosa by doing her make-up & we hit it off fast. She really became one of my best friends. I love, respect, and appreciate that girl more than words could ever describe. Yes, she was definitely the battery in my back for wanting to lose weight. She introduced me to the modeling world. I was always around so many beautiful people; I had to become one of them.

M: The Dipset fan that I am won't let me leave this out, what's your favorite Diplomats project and why?

L: Nope… You will not get me to sit here for 93 minutes and overthink this. I am so indecisive! Not only can’t I, but I refuse to try to answer this question.

M: Different ventures obviously require different energy; what's the one thing you do that doesn't feel like "work" to you? If it's multiple explain.

L: None of it is work! I love everything that I do - modeling, make-up artistry & working with the media. Being a make-up artist is what pays my bills & that will never be “work” for me.

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