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Fantasy Football Musings - Week 1 NFL

Fantasy Football Musings - Week 1 NFL

-Kirk Cousins, the real life QB, probably isn’t very good. I don’t think his fantasy performance is worth fretting about just yet. His team still can’t run the football. He still has a lot of weapons and in a game where he played poorly he still put up 343 yards. If he throws two touchdowns instead of zero, there is a different narrative surrounding his game. Be patient.

-As much as I liked Tyrod Taylor coming into the season, I honestly believe it’s safe to drop him. The Bills offensive line is already banged up, his #1 WR Sammy Watkins is still having problems with his foot, and the Bills aren’t a particularly high volume passing team. They also have a bad week 2 matchup against the Jets on a short week. If you can start Joe Flacco or someone like that over Taylor, you can drop him safely and go from there.

-Philip Rivers was QB2 with Keenan Allen on the field last season, and he was QB22 with Allen sidelined. I’d start looking into contingency plans if Rivers was the guy you chose to rely on at QB this year. The Jaguars pass defense is generally pretty meh so a good enough performance could be in the works this week.

-Eli Manning had a pretty typical performance on Sunday. He was the QB12 and he produced three touchdowns. If I choose to play DFS this week, he’s a shoo-in at QB against the defenseless Saints.

-Andrew Luck has a ton of weapons, doesn’t have much of a running game or defense to support him and clearly has immense talent. Game 1 against Detroit is a preview of things to come.

-Todd Gurley will probably be fine. He is a transcendent running back talent who shouldn’t be stopped too much by the surroundings he’s in though they might be among the worst in the NFL. If he has another bad week, try and buy low on him.

-If I have Devonta Freeman, I’m waiting for the first huge game he has to sell him as quickly as I can. Tevin Coleman has emerged as a legitimate threat to his touches, and I’m not sure Freeman is all that good at football. Coleman was also handpicked by the staff and they’ve been saying all summer how this will be a committee. If you can get someone to pay for Freeman’s 2015 at this current juncture, I’d do it and not even think twice.

-Take the temperature of the Ezekiel Elliott owner. If he is feeling some kind of way about his week one struggles and is willing to sell low, then take advantage of it. He should be fine even though Dak  Prescottstretching the field at all will help his cause.

-Carlos Hyde did this same thing to kick off last season. He’s so damn talented but a combination of the caliber of team he’s on and his injury history make him such a risk. I really hope he stays on the field, and San Francisco is respectable enough to make him fantasy good.

-Matt Forte looked really damn good on Sunday. However, I don’t think the amount of touches they gave him is at all sustainable. He’s 31 years old. If you have Bilal Powell and were under the impression this would be a timeshare, just hang on. Powell is a good player and if Forte gets hurt he becomes a RB2 type.

-There isn’t going to be much analysis behind this but David Johnson is damn good at football. Some of those jump cuts he was making were breathtaking. If he plays a full complement of games it would be somewhat surprising if he wasn’t a top two RB at worst, regardless of format.

-If Eric Decker is going to get his wish and line up outside more often, Quincy Enunwa should be taken seriously in deeper PPR leagues. Enunwa had 7 catches for 61 yards and a touchdown in week one, and his QB hamstrings the offense because he can’t throw the ball downfield. I’m not saying to go out there and move mountains to get this guy, but keep him on your radar

-Donte Moncrief had six catches for 61 yards and a touchdown. I referred to him as this year’s Allen Robinson and I stand by that. I don’t think he will be employed downfield the way Robinson is (ARob is downright rude with high pointing balls against defensive backs) but his whole situation screams “breakout”. He started off well.

-I had AJ Green fourth on my wide receiver list this summer and got asked the question “why?” by a lot of people. 12 catches, 180 yards, and a TD against a supposedly tough Jets defense in week 1 surely doesn’t mean that he will be top four at year’s end as a lot of things can happen. However, it gives you a glimpse as to why. He’s going to get all of the targets and he’s one of the five or so most talented players at the position.

-Desean Jackson is in a contract year for a team that might lead the league in passing attempts given the different circumstances surrounding their offense. He had six catches for 102 yards in the opener and while I don’t think that kind of production is sustainable, I think he’s going to have a good year.

-If you can buy low on Randall Cobb, do it. He was targeted eight times and caught six for 57 yards. I still don’t like how the Packers offense is functioning as they don’t do enough to help Aaron Rodgers. It’s a lot of “Roll the ball out and we are better than you” stuff. Anyway, if Cobb keeps getting targeted like that weekly he should be a PPR dynamo.

-In a game where the Saints scored 35 points and Drew Brees threw for 400+ yards, Coby Fleener had one catch for four fucking yards. Surely you jest. Anyway, don’t panic on Fleener. He should still be productive in New Orleans by the virtue of being a human being with two hands who plays tight end there. I think he will be fine.

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