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Feel the Feels

Feel the Feels

Oh goodness, here it comes again.

I keep running from it but every corner that I turn, it’s waiting for me.

It feels sort of like those scary movies where no matter how fast you run or how slow they walk, the bad guy always has the “one up” on you.

My goodness. Just make it stop.


“Go home, Roger!”

Any other time, it wouldn't be that big of a deal but today is different.

The fight is no longer there.

My feet won’t move. My arms don’t go up to brace myself for impact.

I simply can't and don't want to resist.

Can you blame me?

It just happens. I let it take control of me.

Love came through like the natural disaster that it is and wrecked my shit.


We spend so much time thinking and preparing for when “it” happens but we are also so quick to let out a sigh of relief when it comes close but doesn’t quite make any contact.

Man up and brave the storm.

If your shutters don't make it and your generator doesn't kick in when it was supposed to, maybe there was a different plan.

We know that a lot of bad can come from storms but there’s always that chance of rebuilding something bigger and better.

There’s also that chance that it can bypass you and leave you unscathed.

How do you find the sweet spot when you never indulge?

I know the constant change of emotion makes for an uneasy ride but what do you have to hide?

Show your cards. Let people know what the deck has in store. Don’t you want more?

There’s nothing wrong with letting The Feels feel you.

Make history. Make yourself happy. Make it do what it do.

Feel The Feels.

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