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Finally - a poem

Finally - a poem

Rested my forehead on his

He exhaled in at last

We laughed

Fell into our rhythm 

Catching our breath in between 

Short, deliberate expressions of

Pent-up desire 


Into his lap

Felt the warmth of him

Surround me 

The way God does when

We dare to step 

Into the sun 

After having spent too much time 

Consumed by the darkness of love 

Willfully evading our grasp

Pretended to be

Loving him out in the open, finally

Allow my head to fall back

Let him unburden

Into me

Arched my back as

He entered his safe space

Over and over again

Digging his fingertips in

Holding me there

Where he 

Needed me

Nibbling at my heart

With his teeth


He was unable to 

Keep his secrets

From rushing into me

Breathing uneven

Kiss his forehead

And send him

Home to


Sony Pictures NEEDS a Change

Sony Pictures NEEDS a Change

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Photo Series: 92 Bricks - 82nd Brick