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Poetry: Fine Print

Poetry: Fine Print

I'm in love with you baby.

Jotted down in swoops and curves,

Bubbles and swirls

Scribbled all over my empty world. 

Indefinite definitions, compositions, prose, filled with pronouns, alliterations you are more than one dimensional but a rather a beautiful combination of...

Similes, verbs, adjectives, you see my objective is to master the way you come across without losing your art.

Your...parts of speech, annunciation, etymology, follow me through every stroke or push of a key.

Your...synonyms taste like cinnamon sprinkled across the delicious multi-syllabic breathtaking orgasmic, pulse quickening, imagery, haiku, and how you manage to fill my mind with pure passion and delight.

And although sometimes you can run-on 

I always make the time to catch you.

Catch me off guard pushing keys to your rhyme scheme, or crossing i's and dotting t's.

I was already on the verge of going insane when you came so I can imagine how it would feel if you left me.

Tears flow down my left cheek as I scribe letters to that special someone, you inspired me to talk without fear through muted words and pressured me to observe life's wonders and I'm simply in awe full of wonderment and you're the cause. 

You're to blame for my wicked ways and how my pen sways over a blank page until it downpours.

You're power and can be deadly in the wrong hands you are a hero and also a villain, you can be inspiring and also bone chilling in a silent world you are my god.

You are...words.

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