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Fiction Series: Playing With Fire - Chapter 11

Fiction Series: Playing With Fire - Chapter 11


“I’m already getting tired of saving you.” Mrs. Camren sighs as she smooths her straightened hair. Our SUV speeds down the highway surrounded by several black trucks and vans. It’s still dark out. As we make our way out of the city I can’t help but notice how still it is. Rique struggles to come out of his vest in the middle row. Frustrated, he throws it to the floor in between the seats finally setting himself free. Mrs. Camren rests her hand on my leg. “When we met… I was sure you’d surprise me. I didn’t know the surprises would carry disappointment.”

“Man… Novia fucking distracted me. I had it under control.” He peers out of the window shaking his head with his back still to us. “Why the fuck is she even here?”

“This is the last time I’m going to remind you about your language.” 

Rique laughs. “…fuck out of here. The rest of these niggas scared of you but I ain’t the rest of these niggas. I’m a grown ass man.” 

“Right now, it is extremely hard to tell.” 

“Yo, you could have just let me ride back with my team if you was just gone talk shit the whole way. The shit done.”

“It isn’t done, Enrique. Nuri wasn’t in the house. We have to find him. We have to kill him. There is still much to be done.” Mrs. Camren’s tone remains even.

“You the one with all the tech shit. You said he would be there.” Rique laughs again. “You sent me in on a fucking dummy mission while Paxton and Cruz secured the bags.” He turns his head sharply, repositioning his body so that his legs are in the aisle of the SUV. Looking directly at Mrs. Camren he speaks sternly. “You probably planted that fucking video of Nuri laughing… with your crazy ass.” 

Mrs. Camren is seemingly unmoved. She bites her bottom lip. Neither of them turns away from the other. My heart begins to race as the tension builds between them. “Stop the car.” Mrs. Camren’s voice is soft but firm as usual. The driver looks into the rearview mirror as he does what he’s told. He puts the vehicle in park and climbs out. Mrs. Camren looks to me as he walks around to my door. “Jump out. Get in the next car.”

Rique licks his lips. I look from him to Mrs. Camren. She takes her hand from my leg and brings her fingers to her chest, tracing them up and around her neck. Possessively, I move closer to her as she breaks away from Rique’s eyes. “Novia, get into the next car.”

“What, why?” I ask but I know. She looks at me. I look at Rique. 

“Don’t make me have to repeat myself again.” She leans forward and gently kisses my lips as she taps on the window. The driver opens the door. I look at her with pleading eyes but her expression remains the same. As I step down out of the SUV taking the driver’s hand I realize all of the other vehicles have pulled over with ours. Paxton makes his way towards me. 

“Jump in with Mario and Isaiah.” He smiles to himself. “… and fix your face.”

I roll my eyes at him as we pass each other. Isaiah jumps out and attempts to help me into the truck. “Why you coming back here?” 

“Move.” I roll my eyes as I brush his hand away.

“That’s fine. Shit.” Isaiah looks at his brother as he gets back in. He whispers. “Her bitch don’t want her no more.” Mario and Isaiah chuckle to each other as the truck begins to pick up speed.

I lean my head back and close my eyes. Noelani’s face flashes in my mind. I cringe. Bitch.


I will have what I want and Paxton always makes sure of it. It’s as if he can read my mind. Right now, I wanted both of them. I wink at my driver as Paxton kisses my neck softly. Money and guns always gets him excited. Enrique watches us, a confused expression on his face. They both know to do as I say even if Enrique thinks he still has some kind of control. Paxton’s lips find mine. I smirk against them and then bite his bottom lip. “Pax, I want you to watch.”

“Okay, Mrs. Camren.” He whispers in response. His voice sends chills racing down my body. He sits back. I sit forward. Enrique continues to watch me. I roll my neck, stretching my back and extending my arms to the roof of the car so that my fingers press into it. I ease forward out of the backseat lifting my leg and placing my knee in Enrique’s lap. He looks at Paxton. “Don’t look at him. Watch me.” My hands easily finds his zipper. “Both of you… watch me.” My dress eases up my legs and over my ass on its own. I never wear panties. 

I don’t have to do much. He’s ready. I shift my weight into his leg, lifting myself high enough for his mouth to find my stomach and then lowering myself onto him in one graceful motion. He tries to kiss me. I turn my head and look at Paxton. He scratches his beard thoughtfully. I continue to look into his eyes as my rhythm follows the rise and fall of Enrique’s chest. Enrique’s hands grip the small of my back as if trying not to lose me. 

I feel him but I only see Paxton. Paxton reaches his hand towards me and I take it in mine. Enrique grips me tighter and pushes me down aggressively, repeatedly in an attempt to capture my attention. He doesn’t know I like it rough. I throw my head back enjoying the ride he’s taking me on. I bring Paxton’s hand to my mouth and he curls his fingers inside forcing me to bite down. He smiles. Enrique continues to thrust himself inside of me the best he can. I allow him to control the shifting of my weight. As the car begins to slow I begin to pulse and throw myself into Enrique matching his aggression. 

“Fuck…” He grunts. 

I laugh. 

A few moments later Novia opens my door. She looks around inspecting the inside. I’m sitting back in my seat. Paxton’s hand rests gently in my lap. Enrique is facing forward tapping the back of the driver’s seat. Satisfied she takes a step back. I climb out and take her hand, kissing it. 

I cut my eyes to see Enrique following me with his eyes. He’s mine now. Just like Paxton… Like Cruz… Like Novia… they’re all mine.

“Let’s go see what we got…” I lead them towards the front door. “Big Pax is waiting for us.”

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