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Firestorm - a poem

Firestorm - a poem

There was thunder and shortly after

The rain began; I lie there in bed

Next to you

Holding your hand

Looking into your eyes

Though neither of us spoke

I believed it to be


The ceiling above me began to crack

The weight of the rain sent pieces

Crashing to the floor behind me

Just missing me

And the raindrops pierced my skin

As the water began to rise

The bedroom floor disappeared

But only on my side

I turn from you

As the impact of the raindrops

Began to feel like acid burning through my skin

Sending sparks into you

I tried to pull away

But you wouldn't let go

And those sparks burst into flames

I realized then

that our fortress

This place we both had a hand in creating

Would be the place of our demise

As the ceiling continued to collapse above me

And you were slowly consumed by fire

I could tell you couldn't see it coming

As you gently traced my hand with your thumb

And forced me to continue staring into your eyes

I wanted to scream at you

Tell you to run

Tell you I could no longer be a safe place

But I

Couldn't find the words

The warmth awakes me

From one surreal realm into another

Surely I am still dreaming

I could only be this vulnerable in a dream

For in our world I am invincible

Protected by your love

These flames shouldn't


I shouldn't feel harm

Heat or danger

Balancing on a suspended bed

Tight walking a love that was once wide

Thin beneath my feet with no safety net

Flames spark at my feet as I make my way to you

Lead by my heart

As rain and debris fall aside me

The words I wouldn't dare speak echo in my head

The distance grows

The rope appears thinner

Could the voices inside bode true?

Have you abandoned me to travel alone?

Are you the one creating this obstacle course?

Will you sit and watch me fail to reach you?

Perhaps I swim

Wading through acidic waters

Fighting, willing myself to you

Even if I wanted to

I couldn't save us now

If I reached down into the water

I'd only make it more toxic

Before I pulled you out

And I don't want to risk it

So I just sit here

Let you walk on eggshells trying to

Convince yourself, trying to convince me

That love still grows here

But you refuse to let it

Wash away with the current

Is the only thing closing the distance?

Never met a man with a heart like yours

So honest, so pure

And I wanted to let it go

Before I destroyed it but you

Insist on fighting for me

Wading in acidic waters

Dodging debris from the ceiling

Crashing in

I can't love you

But I let you

Keep burning

Let you

Keep sinking

Until you're broken

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