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Focus - a poem

Focus - a poem

I've been trying to ease his mind for a minute

He been trippin

We’re here now

And I'm all in

Push him back on the bed

Slide off my dress, and climb him

Pin my hair back, adjust, and straddle him

Wrap my hands around his neck

Lean forward

Bite his bottom lip

Roll my hips

Guide his hands

Let him feel how wet I am

Grab the bottom of his shirt

Ease it over his head

Dig my nails into his chest

I can smell her lust

Seeping out of her pores

Henny still dancing on her lips

Inviting me for a taste

While I'm not one to let liquor waste

The uncertainty of work has my mind elsewhere

My minds numb

My body responsive

Third leg reacting to every sway of her hips

She thinks I am there

But I'm not

My kisses dry

Hers hopeful

Her entire essence trying to pull me

From a funk that's overcome me

Become me

So much so that her sweet scent misses me

Eyes wide as she kisses me

Hope she doesn't think it's her

It's definitely me

Just want to let go and

Let her...

Take control

Because he's stressed, so tense

Show him home is where rest is

He can find me here

He can find peace here

Slide down between his legs

It's time to remind him

He can release here

He trembles from the way my hands

Are lightly pressed against his thighs

I look up at him and smile before I

Lose myself in the voice lessons

Deep hums met by soft moans

Now, he's cursing

And I go harder

Because now I'm performing

No mercy

He had a trying week

Well, now I clear his head

I give him back his focus

And I don't stop until he's

Clenching the sheets

Giving his aggression to me

I drink him all in

Cause I've been missing him

Lick my lips, no longer thirsty

And this is just the beginning.

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