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Fuck Derrick Rose

Fuck Derrick Rose

How this civil suit that has hung over Rose’s head for months now has gone largely ignored is beyond me. I mean we’ve had a month of damn near non-stop coverage of a man kneeling during the National Anthem for example. The whole thing is rather disgusting so let’s jump into it.

Let me start by saying this. I don’t know if Derrick Rose is a rapist or not. So many of you are caught up on the fact that people like me think he’s a rapist to the point to the point where you fight that thought to the death as if you were there. Based on everything presented to me like the “We men” line from his testimonial and him somehow being a 28 year old man who doesn’t know what consent is, I think Derrick Rose and his friends raped that woman. My problems with him delve deeper into the case and not just what I THINK he did on the night in question.

If you follow what Rose’s defense team has put forth, there’s been nothing but them trying to smear the accuser as opposed to proving that Derrick Rose and his friends didn’t rape her. That’s why the judge ruling that her name should be released annoyed me. It’s bad enough that the whole defense has been about slut shaming her but now you’re letting the public get to join in. Rose and his team believe posting “sexually suggestive pictures, having an alleged relationship with other professional basketball players and not being “so innocent” amongst other shit is justification for your identity being made public. There’s been mentions of her being the sexual aggressor, pointing out that she’s “adventurous sexually”, that she sent “suggestive photos” to Rose and other shit along those lines.

The whole defense has been trying to slut shame and give off a vibe that Rose was justified in his actions because of her sexual history and because they had a standing consensual relationship. Pathetic.  While the accuser’s name is going to be released, at least the judge demanded that the slut shaming (which has been the entire defense for Rose’s team) has to stop. I fear what is going to come her way via the public eye and social media but at least the judge is keeping Rose’s defense team in order. We will see how that works.

Accusing this woman of sleeping with another NBA player in the middle of a rape case in order to intimidate her is a staple of rape culture. Think about the fact that the defense has been entirely about smearing her character more than defending his potential innocence. And as part of this defense, they are essentially saying that either A) she deserved to be raped because she once slept with two basketball players B) her being a grown ass woman having sex with other grown ass people means she definitely consented (a word that Derrick Rose admitted he doesn’t know the meaning of) to the activity that went on that night. Why do we as a society hate women so much? What’s about to happen with her revealing her name and the entire slut shaming defense is that it’s going to be harder for other women to come forward when sexually assaulted. Yes, because that wasn’t hard enough.

You look at the texts between Rose and the accuser. There isn’t a single mention of consensual sex, nor is there a heads up that his homeboys would be coming through. And there is a 40 minute period where he and one of his friends are pleading with her in text messages to wake up to no response.  Oh this happened when Rose gave his testimony:

Q: Did either Mr. Hampton or Mr. Allen tell you why they wanted to go to Plaintiff’s home on the night in question?

Rose: No. No.

Q: So they just said, ‘Hey, it’s the middle of the night. Let’s go over to Plaintiff’s house’ and they never gave you a reason why they wanted to go over there?’

Rose: No, but we men. You can assume.

Q: I’m sorry?

Rose: I said we men. You can assume. Like we leaving to go over to someone’s house at 1:00, there’s nothing to talk about.

So, this young lady consistently refused the advances of Rose and his homeboys. There were no answers to their texts up until about an hour before the incident occurred. And Rose’s answer when asked about what he was doing there with his friends is, “We men, you can assume,” Think about that. He sounds like a rapist to me. I will never know for sure if he is or he isn’t but I’ll side against the guy who doesn’t know what consent means.  And I’ll also side against the guy who claims that “there’s nothing to talk about” when his friends go with him to the house of a woman who’s involved with him.

In my estimation, it’s fuck Derrick Rose regardless of whether he’s a rapist or not. At BEST, Rose is a disgusting human being with a problematic mindset regarding women and the concept of consent. Look at his testimony and the “We men” comment speaks for itself. If Rose isn’t a rapist, he did a horrible job defending himself as his whole testimony was a “Tell On Yourself” tutorial And the idea that a 28 year old man doesn’t know what consent means is quite frightening.

At BEST, Rose and his friends took advantage of a drunken woman who didn’t have the proper wherewithal to refuse advances. At WORST, Rose is a rapist. What I think has been established is that he’s a grade A fuckboy who’s mentality regarding women is symbolic of everything that is wrong in this country with regards to relating to women.

The slut shaming and the type of things you’ll see about this young lady when her name is released will properly encapsulate why so many women don’t feel comfortable coming forward with rape cases. Less than 5% of accused rapists will ever spend a single day in jail. Hell, that bitchass Stanford swimmer spent three months in jail after raping a woman. These cases become a he said/she said thing and in a society that hates women as much as this one does, who do you think they’re going to side with? Is it going to be the entitled athlete who has more to lose financially or the “sexually aggressive slut” who’s seen as a gold digger simply because of who she is accusing? If there is any gray area, this society will largely rally around the accused instead of the accuser, facts and common sense be damned.

As a (black) man, I realize that being lied on by a woman is something that happens and it’s absolutely terrifying. It seems like Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott found that one out the hard way as a lady he was involved with accused him of domestic violence out of apparent bitterness in an attempt to ruin him.

That said, how many women don’t say anything because of the type of judgment they will endure? How many women don’t say anything because “we” tend not to believe them and hear shit like ‘Well, what was she wearing? How was she acting?”. And then when they do say something, how many women have their reputations tarnished because of a smear campaign?

People like Derrick Rose, his defense team and the people who are going out of their way to defend him are problematic in this society. They help make, mold and keep rape culture alive regardless of whether he is guilty or not.

In closing, fuck Derrick Rose, fuck Phil Jackson, and if you’re spending time/keystrokes/your voice to defend Rose when we know at the very least that he’s a scumbag, then fuck you too.

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