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Poetry: Queens - Dedicated to Fine Women Friday

Poetry: Queens - Dedicated to Fine Women Friday

I figured I'd talk about figures

Shapes, sizes, and weights,

Slender to slim, thick, body curved like a figure 8.

Voluptuous, petite, buxom, a bevy of adjectives that come from our desire to define your defiance. 

Colors and hues to describe you,

But I prefer flavors, something about you I wish to savor.

French vanilla, caramel, buttercream, mocha, my pecan swirl, brown sugar babe, deep chocolate taste I could eat you all day.

Disrupt my own thoughts and allow myself to interject over your intellect. 

We can't believe you defied all odds, single parent or two jobs, betting on yourself you hold the cards to do the impossible out of what most see as too hard.

All in all you called it magic and I believe I seen the stars.

You're more than provocateur,

More than a bad "bitch"

More than diamonds and pearls

More than hair extensions and afros

More than your body and white paint on toes

Name brands and body shimmer 

You're liquid gold poured over soul.

Ella and Eartha, Dandridge, Coretta Scott,

Chisholm and Angelou, Nina Simone,

Home grown. 

Cardi B and Nicki, Foxy Brown, Jean Grey, Sza, Beyonce, you're cut from many different cloths not one giant stone.

You're various textures of hair, skin tones, heights, sizes, thoughts, dreams, ideas, resilience, you take on many forms, like water you just flow.

And all I want to do is drown

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