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The Greatest Tributes at Award Shows

The Greatest Tributes at Award Shows

Every year, we have award shows that have a segment to honor and remember the legacy of legends in the music business no matter if they’ve passed or are still alive. It gives the generation(s) younger than them a chance to show love and perform the songs of these people who have paved the way. Now, not all performances are great (some artists do mess them up), but we’re not here to talk about that; instead we’re here to talk about the greatest tributes ever to be performed, in no particular order, starting with…

1. Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson at the 2010 BET Awards:

The reason this one is a great tribute is because around this time CB was going through the incident which I won’t name because I’m here to uplift the black man, not put him down as he’s already had his name dragged through the mud enough. Anyway, the people thought he was finished out here. Hell, with his reaction during the performance he did also. Plus he’s the only artist in the industry who’s been compared to the late great Michael Jackson countless times, as he rightfully should.  His moves were on point and the raw emotion he gave us fans when he performed Man In The Mirror and cried to the point he could barely sing it, showed that he’s still a human being like the rest of us. 

2. Bruno Mars’ tribute to Prince at the 2017 Grammy’s:

Now, we all know Prince is as tough to give a tribute to as Michael because of the magnitude of greatness. Bruno knew that and showed the fuck out. From the way he sung it, to the playing of the guitar, to the energy he gave out to the crowd, just made it everything. If you closed your eyes you would think it was Prince himself doing his own tribute. Bruno Mars was the perfect fit for that and I don’t think any of Prince’s fans would want it another way. Shout out to you Bruno, you owned that as if it was yours with the utmost respect to the Prince.

3. Jordin Sparks & John Legend Whitney Houston tribute at Billboard Music Awards 2012:

John Legend did his thing on the piano as expected, but the singing was a bit raspy for a Whitney Houston song and I feel like a man can’t hit those same high notes to begin with. Jordin Sparks came in and saved the tribute with the perfect singing voice that made this one of the greatest tributes. She put her all into the song and hit every note as close to Whitney as she possibly could (but we all know nobody can truly do it like Whitney). You know she did an excellent job when it brought tears to the eyes of Bobbi Kristina, may she also Rest In Peace.

4. Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran & Gary Clark Jr, Stevie Wonder tribute at the 2015 Grammy’s:

We all know Bey is the performer of all performers so that already makes it the greatest tributes of all time (not about to have the #BeyHive coming for my head like I got a pricey bag on it). All jokes aside, she got the crowd involved early before she assisted it to Ed Sheeran with a behind the back pass, who also did well on his part. She then lobbed it to Gary Clark Jr for the slam dunk, which was effortless to say the least. Gary Clark Jr killed his guitar solo then sang his shit on the mic that I know made Stevie feel like a proud father watching his kids win a championship game.

5. The New Edition 2017 BET Lifetime Achievement Award Tribute:

This happened less than 24 hours ago, which means there isn’t any footage, yet. So if you missed this, I hope you DVR’d it cause this was infinite flame emoji’s. First they had the whole NE cast from the biopic perform their songs which was probably the best idea BET thought of in a while. They then proceeded to present the actual members of the group their award that transitioned into them performing, making it even more legendary. Seeing all of them up there alive and somewhat well (we all know they were on drunk uncle levels) was fucking amazing. Johnny Gill showed up and showed out, he’s damn sure ready for that tour they announced coming in November and Bobby Brown came through with the finest of polar bear furs you’ve ever laid your eyes on. This tribute was definitely the highlight of the whole award show. So again, if you missed it, you missed it. Next time, don’t be Patrick Star ass nigga, living under that rock of yours.

And that ladies and gentlemen, were the top 5 best music tributes, to me.


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