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Fiction Series: Heaven's Dew - Part 7

Fiction Series: Heaven's Dew - Part 7

I walk the corridor slowly. I shouldn’t be here but it’s now or never. Paxton is away on business. The security team is switching shifts. I place my hand to my pocket. The syringe Mrs. Camren gave me is still secure. My breathing is even but my heart is racing. When I get to the door I look up at the camera. I remind myself to edit this portion of the footage when I grab the other files.

I put the code into the keypad on the door and slowly ease it open.

“It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for my food.” Cruz is sitting at a desk in the far corner of the room.  He hasn’t looked up assuming it’s the evening guard bringing his dinner. “Hurry up, did Camren give you reports for me to look over?”

“No, he didn’t.”

Cruz looks up. His facial expression shifts but only slightly. “Noelani.”


He smirks the way only Cruz can sending a shockwave through my body. I have to get this over with.

“How did you get down here? Does Paxton know you’re here?”

“None of that matters.”

“He doesn’t know. Cruz pushes his chair back and moves to stand.”

“No, stay in your seat. I just needed to look at you, to make sure you’re okay.”

“That’s laughable. Your fiancé has me locked away in the basement of a building I partially own.”

“This is your fault Cruz. You did this.”

“This is your fault. You, with your hesitation. I had to do something to shake things up.”

“I could’ve gotten you the money and the contracts you needed to take the new location from Paxton. You rushing it has gotten us here. Your greed. Your anxiousness. Your inability to let me lead.” I’m beginning to shake. I have to do this before I lose my nerve. “What were you thinking?” I move to where he’s sitting so that I can get close enough to drug him without a fight.

“I was thinking we needed to get this shit done. I was thinking I shouldn’t have to convince you to do what we planned. I was thinking you aren’t a teenager anymore. I was thinking you would understand that sometimes we have to make sacrifices to get what we want.”  I see his anger growing with every word that leaves his lips. “Lani, do you even know what you want? Did you want Erin?” He stands. “Do you want Camren?” He’s beside me. “Or do you want me?” He’s behind me.

Before I can move his hand slips up my shirt and I’m pressed firmly against him. “Noelani. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to let me go.” My voice quakes.

“Is that really what you want, Noelani?” His hand finds its way underneath my bra. He palms my breast, gently squeezing. I can feel his manhood begin to rise. “Noelani.” His other hand slides down my stomach into my pants. In one swift motion, what feels like two of his fingers enters me. I gasp as my neck rolls forward. “Tell me what you want.”

His fingers move in and out of me stirring the well caught up between my legs. I swallow hard as a moan attempts to escape. He turns me around aggressively, lifts me onto the desk. I had been using it for support as my legs threatened to betray me.

Cruz grabs me by the throat. He pauses, looking into my eyes and then his lips crash into mine. He uses his free hand to pull my pants off allowing them to fall to the ground. He pulls back. His eyes are dark. I look down to see the syringe is slightly visible but I’m unable to move. Lifting as he pushes me down onto the desk he growls. “I shouldn’t have to but I’m going to remind you why you will always choose me.” He bites the inside of my thigh as his fingers find their way back inside of me. He uses his mouth to drink from the fountain flowing from deep within me, writing his name with his tongue as he goes. I claw at my chest. He was thirsty for me. I can tell.

He doesn’t stop until my body begins to tremble, pulsing his fingers deep inside of me countering the rhythm of my heartbeat. He attempts to slowly slide his fingers out of me but my walls contract and he slides them deeper. His growl is lower than before, “Noelani, tell me what you want.”

I open mouth to speak but nothing comes out.

“Fine.” He stands unbuttoning his pants. He presses his hand into my stomach steadying himself and with a single thrust he collides with the God in me. My head spins and my back arches. He wraps me in his arms and holds me to him. “I want you.” I whisper. The words barely audible.

“Say it again.”

“I want you.”


I dig my nails into his back. My body won’t stop trembling. I open my eyes and gasp, attempt to push him away. A man is standing behind us. “CRUZ!” The man hits him over the head with the barrel of a gun I hadn’t seen before. He falls to the ground. I bring my legs to my chest attempting to cover my lower half with my shirt.

Mrs. Camren steps inside the door of the basement.

“Noelani, are you really going to make me handle everything myself?”

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