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Fiction Series: Heaven's Dew - Chapter 3

Fiction Series: Heaven's Dew - Chapter 3

I back away from the door, slowly. The thoughts swirl through my mind. Why is Cruz here? Why would Erin be calling him or taking me to him? And where the fuck is my fiancé?

The door begins to ease open and I rush back towards the bed. I hear Erin’s voice and I stop short, turning around to face her.

“Lani… is everything okay?”  

I stop where I am. I thought to say I was coming from the bathroom. Instead, I cross my arms, “I don’t know Erin. Is everything okay?”

She brings the lights up. It’s then I realize Cruz is still there, standing in the hallway. No one moves until Cruz laughs.

“Lani, unfold your arms.” He walks until he’s standing in front of me and I glare up at him. I’m confused as I find myself drowning in him. The scent of him overcomes me. I begin to feel warm as if being filled from the inside out. He hasn’t touched me, “Noelani, unfold your arms.” 

The beat of my heart vibrates through my body as past images of us begin to burn through my mind. “Cruz, why are you here?” My voice quakes but not with concern.

“Would you like me to leave, Lani?” His voice is low, gentle. 

“I want to know why you’re here, in the middle of the night...” I look pass him to Erin, “…with her.” I fail to hide my agitation. Cruz chuckles, again.

He asks. “Are you worried? Jealous?”

“I’m not doing this. You’re in my fucking house, Cruz. Why are you here?” I maintain my stance. Though it becomes harder with every second that passes.

He sits down on the edge of the bed, reaches for me. I shrink back and he uses both hands to grip my waist, pulling me between his legs. I stare down at him, think to back away as Erin looks on. I don’t move. I could never actually deny Cruz.

“Erin, why don’t you come sit next to me, here… on the bed?” Cruz motions for Erin but never takes his eyes off of me. Erin never denied him either. I’ve never been sure if it was out of love for me or lust for him. “Give me your hand.” He moves his left hand from my waist and holds it out to Erin. She doesn’t hesitate. She places her hand in his and he smirks. 

“My girls… always did like to play.”

Both Erin and I, gaze at Cruz. There is a longing present, a familiar longing. Cruz takes Erin’s hand and holds it in the warmth between my legs. She still doesn’t look at me. Instead, she watches Cruz but now, my eyes are on her. Cruz gently applies pressure to Erin’s hand. Her fingers begin to dance in the moisture that drips from my core. 

I gasp for bits of air. I am overwhelmed not by the sensation between my legs but by the rate of my heart as I remember the first time Erin and I made love. Cruz watched from a chair in the corner of her room. It quickly became his favorite thing to do. He would never touch Erin. He was mine. He just observed, watched as she whispered her love into my yoni and dug her fingers into me attempting to retrace the path Cruz had taken moments before her. 

Tonight, however, Cruz seemed to have an agenda, more than simply reliving our past.  

I ease onto my toes. Erin has pulled back the lace of my panties. Cruz is guiding her hand in and out of me in rotating motions, his eyes still planted on my face. He is aroused by my reaction. Erin, who would usually be looking at me, is still looking at Cruz. 

Her other hand has found its way into his lap and I watch as she begins to move towards his zipper. My heart beat quickens. When Cruz initially pulled me to him I had placed both of my hands on his chest to brace myself for pulling away. Now, the nails on my left hand were pressing harshly into his neck, his shirt gathered, my right hand wrapped in my hair. As Erin finds her way into his pants his eyes avert to her. I feel emotions I have never felt with Paxton. Jealousy. Rage. Undoing. 

Before Erin or Cruz can react, my right hand releases my straightened mane and is clenching Erin’s neck. I don’t let go of Cruz. Erin attempts to reach for my hand but Cruz doesn’t allow her to move from between my legs. She takes the hand that was once in his lap and wraps it around my wrist as her eyes begin to water. Cruz smiles, shifts his gaze back to me. 

“There she is.” He releases Erin’s hand. With both hands free she pushes me back, gasping for air. I look from him to her but say nothing. 

Cruz stands adjusting his shirt and zipping his pants. He takes a step forward closing the distance between us. He laces his fingers with mine, pulls our hands into his chest. “Do you remember why we started?” I nod my head. “Are you ready to finish this?” I hesitate. 

He drops my hands and grabs the back of my head, forcing me to look up at him. He bends and bites my bottom lip. “The truth is Lani, you don’t have a choice. Erin belongs to you but you---belong to me. So, moving forward you will do as I instruct you.” 

“Cruz. CRUZ!” Erin breaks the tension between us. “Paxton’s car just pulled up.” She’s watching the security monitors mounted on the wall. 

“Shit.” Cruz kisses my lips softly. I attempt to refrain from pressing into him but I can’t help myself. My hands find his face. This man is my greatest addiction.

Suddenly, he releases me. “One of us will call you. I don’t want to have to threaten you, Noelani.” I nod. 

“You should put on a gown. Go down to meet Paxton.” Erin is standing in the door. I nod, again, as they both disappear into the hallway. 

I grab my gown off the back of my vanity chair and rush down to Paxton as he’s closing the front door. I am flustered, “Paxton, where have you been?”

Paxton is surprised. “Lani, why are you up?”

“I was worried about you. I came home and you weren’t here.” I take his phone and wallet from him as he moves to take off his blazer. “Where have you been?”

He hangs his blazer and wipes his hand over his face. “There were just some last minute adjustments for the new property. I had to send them in before morning.” He reaches for my hand and leads me up the stairs, turning the lights out as we make our way. 

“Well, did you get it all done?”

“I did. I just need to sleep for a couple of hours. I’ll have to reach out to some of our contractors in the morning to confirm the changes.”

We make it upstairs and I help him undress. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

He laughs. “Mother will want to begin planning the details of the wedding. You just focus on that.” Paxton climbs into bed. “Turn off the lights, close the shade.”

I do both and sit on the edge of the bed. I notice the light on my phone. A text from Cruz.

I look behind me. Paxton’s eyes are closed. His breath is slow. I assume he’s asleep. 

I open the text: Next time, I’ll come alone. I forgot how beautiful you are when you’re angry. I turn my phone off and throw it on the floor. 

“Come here, Lani.” Paxton’s voice startles me. “I can never sleep without holding onto you.” I go to him, make myself as small as I can under his presence. “Sleep well, Noelani.”

“Sleep well, Paxton.”

One Month Later…

“Noelani, write this down.” I’m sitting with Mrs. Camren as she samples wines and desserts. 

“I’m not your assistant, Mrs. Camren. This is my wedding we’re planning.” I set my glass down on the table before me and pick up my phone. 

“Well, since it seems you have yet to take an interest in the planning I figured you could at least make note of the things I like.” She shakes her head in disgust motioning for the server to clear a portion of the table. 

“I am very interested, Mrs. Camren.”

“I’m sure.”

“I simply want to give you an opportunity to give Paxton the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.” I smile as she continues frowning, unhappy with the dessert options presented thus far.

“It isn’t as if you could be of any real help anyway. You’ve been with us for a while now but your taste is still a bit urban” Mrs. Camren reaches for her glass seemingly pleased with herself. 

I take a deep breath as I thumb through my messages and open the thread between Paxton and me. I need a distraction. 

Me: Save me.

My phone vibrates instantly. 

Paxton: Only five more months. Be patient with her.

Me: You always defend her.

Paxton: Be an adult. 

I roll my eyes in frustration. 

Cruz: I miss you.

Me to Paxton: I don’t want to be an adult. 

“Okay, Noelani, bite these two and choose one.” Mrs. Camren hands me two small plates. I set my phone in my lap and do as she asks. “The first, Mrs. Camren.” I pick my phone back up.

Me to Cruz: Fuck you. 

Paxton: Ha. Do this for me.

Paxton and I have been inseparable over the last four weeks. Except, for the time that I spend with his mother while he works with the new contractors. Erin has been making nice. I imagine playing nice is a part of the instructions given to her by Cruz. When she isn’t working or with Cruz, she is with me. I assume watching me is one of her jobs, also.

Erin: I opened the accounts. I have the contracts for you.

Cruz: SMH. You don’t miss me?

Me to Cruz: Fuck you. 

Paxton: Do this. I will take you wherever you want to go on honeymoon. 

Me to Cruz: When are you coming home?

Me to Erin: Don’t text me about this again. 

Cruz: I can be there shortly.

Me to Paxton: Fuck you.

“Finally, a good choice.” Mrs. Camren begins speaking to the chef and server she’s commissioned for events before and after our ceremony, really in Mrs. Camren’s mind, Paxton’s ceremony. “Now, if we can being looking at the actual cake options.”

“Can we finish this tomorrow, Mrs. Camren? I want to have dinner ready for Pax.”

“Noelani, there is a chef here. We will finish and then we will have the chef prepare dinner for us all. I’ll have Mr. Camren join us.”

I sigh. Mrs. Camren gets her way. 

Paxton: Fuck me? Is this the kind of language you use when I offer you a gift?

Erin: Whatever. 


Me to Paxton: God, no. I’m sorry. I’ll do this for you. When are you coming home?

Me to Cruz: Stop texting me. Don’t come over here. I’m doing as you asked.

Cruz: Good.

Paxton: I’ll see you soon.

I continue to indulge Mrs. Camren as best I can. “Noelani, would you like to put your phone down and join us here in the present moment?” 

I take one last look at my notifications before turning my phone face down on the table. 

Cruz: Actually, I’ll see you soon.

Mrs. Camren and I stand in the dining area listening to Big Pax talk about player contracts. Neither of us care but we pretend to be interested as he goes on until Paxton interrupts walking in to the room. 

“Family, good evening.” He greets his mother, kissing her cheek. Then, walks over to me and places a kiss on my forehead. “I hope you don’t mind, your other son insisted he tag along.”

As he finishes, in walks Cruz. I rub my temple. Big Pax, the observant one, notices and looks concerned. I meet his eyes and smile. 

“Time with Cruz is always a pleasure.” Mrs. Camren walks over and embraces him. 

“I also invited a couple of friends, Mrs. Paxton. Should I notify the chef?” Erin and Gavin, the bartender, walk in holding hands. My eyes shift from their hands to Erin’s face to the smirk Cruz gives me over Mrs. Camren’s shoulder.

I brace myself for a long evening.

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