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Her Side

Her Side

For some reason, we always connect best with the worst ones. The ones who seem like diamonds to our soul but are never really worth none.

When we met, the last things on my mind were the fairytales and fables that usually begin at those infamous VIP tables.

You know, those connections that happen oh so easily when the drinks are flowing oh so freely.

Dance after dance, song after song, drink after drink, the connection was too strong.

We went our separate ways and took the time to think about our choices. We gave into the temptation and followed those leading voices.

Days flew by; time went fast. I think we’ve both had enough and it’s about time that we crashed.

Crash onto the bed and into the covers. Crash into the idea of being wrapped around each other.

Since the whole truth was omitted, was it really a lie? Whatever the case, we still let it slide. The vibe was there so we continued to ride.

The greatest question that I have is “why?”

Why are we even here? Since we don’t have a real commitment, why do we even care?

Care to continue. Care to devour the items on this half-assed menu.

It makes no difference and we probably won’t end this because we lean on this crutch that we’ve labeled as a new “Friendship”.

How much more of this can we take? I guess the truth was only strong enough to bend us but not let this bow break.

We never made it a big thing & never any fighting or fussing. In reality, neither of us really cared about consequences or repercussions.

We took it for what it was worth and only thought about our temporary needs. We continued to plant what was left of these crushed up seeds.

Knowing that these vines wouldn’t grow too long, we didn’t feel as though feeding them would be too wrong.

These late nights turn to early mornings.

What we’re sharing in present time is nothing short of beautiful but what if we’re caught? What will she do to you?

I can’t imagine the pain in her heart when she realizes I’m not just a friend. When she finds out that I’m how her time away is usually spent.

Is it my fault or yours? I suppose we both are to blame. Every time we try to blow it out, it just strengthens our flame.

Our sweet dreams turn into beautiful nightmares. I keep imagining the door open and watching her appear.

She calls your phone and there’s not one bit of hesitation in your speech. You don’t seem bothered or fazed in the least. It’s almost amazing how you release so easily and look so peaceful while you sleep.

How will this change us when we both should awaken? Though innocent at first, it turned out to be a dangerous risk that we’ve taken.

Still, we go back for seconds. We clean the plate and order dessert. After this meal, we can’t order again. This friendship won’t work.

It’s only too late when it’s really too late. We can drag this this on but why continue to wait?

So remove those sheets and wash away our times together. We both have done wrong but we still have time to do better.

We can’t throw stones and attempt to hide. Although the damage has been done, we should stop right here and let her reclaim Her Side.

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