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Fiction Series: HIM - Part 1

Fiction Series: HIM - Part 1

It’s been a long week. Work has been rough, bills are due, trump is the president-elect and I’m being pulled in a million different directions. I need a reprieve from all this stress. I need someone to lean on. I need someone to hold my hand. I need someone to take control. I need HIM. I met HIM a few years ago, at the height of my “sexual exploration”. Little did I know, HE would introduce me to a world I never imagined existed.

3 years ago

I was sitting alone at the bar at Trapeze and HE walked up to me and sat a shot of tequila down in front of me. I turned around to look at this stranger who offered me liquor and I was speechless. HE’s not what I usually go for in a man, light skinned, pretty eyes, beardless, but there was this look in HIS eyes. A look that told me I better do what HE says or else, and that intrigued me. Of course I’m a smart ass, so I rolled my eyes and turned back around because who the fuck did HE think HE was? I guess HE didn’t appreciate that very much because HE sat down next to me and in a deep, strong voice said “take the shot.” I politely declined, and not because I didn’t want the shot but because nobody tells me what to do. HE laughed, told me to come find HIM when I was done being a brat, and then HE got up and left. Asshole.

After about 5 minutes I take the shot, and decided to go explore. I came here on a whim, and had never really taken the time to see anything outside of the Jacuzzi area and private rooms. I figured it was time to check out the play area. As soon as I walk into the area I see HIM. HE’s seated on a couch watching two girls kiss each other on the table in front of HIM. It’s actually kind of boring to watch until I see HIS mouth move. It’s then that I realize HE’s instructing them. HE’s telling them where to kiss each other, how hard, how long, and that is fascinating to me. I don’t know how long I’ve been standing there watching before HE notices me. HE sees me looking and smirks. It’s sexy and condescending at the same time, and that annoys me and it turns me on, which ultimately leads to me being pissed off. HE holds my gaze for about a minute and then glances down at the open spot next to HIM. I realize that this is HIS way of telling me to come have a seat, but again who the fuck does HE think HE is? I respond by simply smirking and a slight shake of my head. HE points at me and then pats the seat next to HIM. I shake my head no again, and HE goes back to instructing his girls.

HE leans forward and says something to the girls; they immediately stop and get down from the table. Next thing I know they are walking towards me, and I start to panic because I don’t want any parts of whatever it is they have going on. They walk past me and head in the direction of the private rooms, I feel someone behind me. I start to turn around, and that deep voice says “Don’t turn around, when you’re ready to stop acting scared come to room 6. Don’t waste my time.” HE walks right past me and I’m standing there with my mouth wide open. I am a control freak, so I cannot figure out why I’m so incredibly turned on and why I want to follow HIM. I need a drink.

I’m sitting at the same bar and after two shots of tequila I decide that I have to know what’s happening in room 6. I ask for one more shot, throw it down my throat and head back towards the private rooms. I reach room 6, and just as I start to turn around and leave I hear a moan. I’m even more intrigued so I knock on the door. I wait a few seconds and when nobody answers I turn the doorknob, the door opens and it smells like sex. I walk inside and see Girl 1 on her back while HE drives into her with such power, that even I can feel it. The sounds of their skin slapping against each other is erotic and I find myself jealous, because I haven’t been fucked like that EVER. I look to my left and see Girl 2 is seated in a chair; legs wide open, gagged with her hands are tied behind her back. She’s so wet its dripping, and every time she tries to close her legs HE says “No.” She whimpers, and I’m right there with her because she has no way to relieve herself of that tension. I look back at HIM and Girl 1 and HE looks at me, “take off your panties.” I’m stuck because I didn’t want to get involved, I was just curious. He pulls out of Girl 1 and walks over to me, grabs my arm and presses me against the now closed door. I feel his dick between us as he starts to talk, “I said don’t waste my time, now take off your panties.” I’m breathing all heavy and my heart is racing, my mind is screaming at me to open that door and get the fuck out of there, but my body disagrees. I reach under my teddy and pull my panties down. HE backed away and says “Good girl, go sit on the bed.” I walk towards the bed and HE follows me, as I sit down HE tells Girl 1 to kneel in front if Girl 2. HE sits behind me and spreads my legs, HE starts to run HIS hands up and down my thighs, and my body is on fire. Every time HE runs his hands up, they get a little closer to my pussy, but HE never touches it.

I’m so focused on HIS hands that I completely forget about Girl 1 and 2; they are silent in the corner awaiting further instruction. HE commands Girl 1 to lick Girl 2 as HE pushes HIS fingers inside me. Girl 2 and I moan at the same time and HE tells us both to be quiet. HE pumps HIS fingers in and out of me slowly as I watch Girl 1 feast on Girl 2, and I’m not saying feast to be cute, she is literally feasting on this girl. She’s licking and sucking away like this is the only source of nourishment she’s had in weeks, and while I’m not really into to the girl/girl thing, this shit is sexy. I can feel my orgasm building and just as it’s about to take over HE pulls HIS fingers out, and leaves me hanging. It’s like the brakes have been pumped, and I try to close my legs but HE won’t let me. “I told you not to waste my time, and you did. I had to repeat myself and I don’t like to repeat myself. Now you get to watch her cum, with no orgasm of your own.” I could cry right now, like big fat tears, but I won’t let HIM have the satisfaction. So I relax my body, and watch Girl 1 and 2. I allow the sight and the sound of them to take my mind somewhere else. I picture myself gagged and tied and HIM on HIS knees suckling on my clit. Licking my lips and fucking me with his tongue, I feel everything and my orgasm starts to build again.

HE realizes what I’m doing and starts to pump HIS fingers in and out of me again, going faster and faster until I feel myself clamp down on HIS fingers and I’m filled with bliss. I don’t know how long this lasts, but when I finally open my eyes Girl 1 and 2 are smirking at me. I turn my head and HE smiles at me and says, “I see you won’t be easy to train.” Just as I’m about to respond HE looks at Girl 1 and 2 and tells them they are dismissed. They quietly get up and leave the room, and here I am left with this stranger man with my legs spread, sitting in my own cum. How did I end up here? I start to get off the bed, but I’m yanked back down immediately. I hear HIM sigh, “Relax brat, I’m not going to hurt you. I would like to see you again,” HE places a card in front of me on the bed. “When you’re really ready to explore, give me a call.” HE kisses my cheek, rises from the bed gets dressed and leaves. What the fuck just happened?

About five minutes pass before I stand up, I search for my panties, but they’re nowhere to be found. That bastard took my damn panties. I look back at HIS card in the bed and leave the room. Nope, not doing that ever again, fuck that. I’m about halfway to the bar, before I turn around and go back to the room. HIS card is still there, and even though I know I shouldn’t, I pick it up.

Present Day

Three years later here I am, craving HIM more than ever before. HE is my own personal drug, and I’m in desperate need of a fix. I pull out my phone and send HIM a message.

Me: You free this weekend?

HIM: Excuse me?

Me: I’m sorry, Sir. If your schedule permits I would like to see you this weekend.

HIM: That’s what I thought. Friday night 8Pm, my house. You are to wear a trench coat, solid black heels and nothing else. Do not be late.

Me: Yes Sir.

HIM: Good girl.

I smile.

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