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Fiction Series: Him - Part 2

Fiction Series: Him - Part 2

Present Day

It’s still not Friday. I’m still stressed. I’m still horny. I need to see HIM. Unfortunately it’s only Wednesday, so I have to wait. I look at my nightstand knowing that I could solve all of my own problems if I simply open the bottom drawer, but HE wouldn’t like that. I guess I’ll just have to be patient. Patience is a virtue and nobody has shown me that more than HIM.

2 years and 9 months ago

It’s been 3 months since our first encounter. 3 very long months full of a lot meaningless sex, that left me unsatisfied and pissed off. Ever since the night I met HIM my vagina hasn’t worked the same. It’s like she’s on strike and she refuses to cooperate with my mind, and it’s crazy because I didn’t even get the dick. HE ruined her with 3 fingers. THREE FINGERS!!!!! So here I am unsatisfied and fighting the urge to dig in my bottom drawer, find HIS card and call HIM. I have dialed HIS number at least 87 times since that night, and each and every time I hang up before HE can answer. Tonight is different, because I’m desperate to cum…..DESPERATE.

Fuck it, I pick up my phone an dial HIS number, it rings, and rings and rings and just as I’m about to hang up I hear that deep voice “Hello?” I open my mouth to say something, but no words come out. I hear HIM chuckle “Looks like you decided to finally stay on the line long enough for the call to be picked up.” What is HE talking about? Then it dawns on me that I must have let the phone ring too many times before hanging up, which mean that HE knows I’ve called HIM. I still don’t say anything, and he chuckles again; asshole. “Meet me at the Brookhaven station at 7:30 tonight. Wear a short skirt, nothing tight, no panties and heels. If you are late, don’t bother coming and don’t call this number again.” The line goes dead. This mothafucka just hung up on me, who the fuck does HE think he is?

“I’m not meeting no nigga I don’t know at a damn train station in the middle of the night with no got damn panties on. Who requests shit like that?” This is what my brain is saying, but my body has somehow found itself in my closet looking through a drawer for a short skirt that’s not tight. I’m pretty sure my vagina has taken over and she is going to get her orgasm back TONIGHT. Its 5:45 by the time I find the right skirt, so I hop in the shower to make sure everything is nice and tidy and I’m walking out my house about an hour later. Its 7:27 by time I park at the station and I find myself running to the machines to load my card. I’m looking for my debit card when someone walks up to the machine next to me. “To be early is on time, and to be on time is late. Glad you made it.” I turn to look at HIM and before I get my head all the way around HE says “No.” HE reaches over and pays for my transit card and tells me to follow HIM.

I roll my eyes but I turn right around and follow HIM to the escalator. HE motions for me to get on and HE follows right behind me. HE’s so close to me that I can feel his breath on my neck, but HE doesn’t touch me and that pisses me off. HE moves my hair off my shoulder and whispers “Tonight you are going to learn how to be patient. I will push your limits, you are not to make a sound, and if it becomes too much for you to handle your safe word is bacon. Do I make myself clear?” I turn to look at HIM and nod yes; I can’t speak because my body and brain are intrigued and concerned. My body is ready for anything and everything that is coming, but my brain is trying to wrap itself around the thought that I might need to use a safe word. What the fuck are we about to do that would require a safe word? I’m not really into that BDSM shit…..at least I don’t think I am. The train pulls up and HE grabs my hand and pulls me down the pathway searching for a specific car. HE finds it and pulls me flush against HIM as we wait for the doors to open. HE runs HIS hand down my back and next thing I know HE’s got HIS finger on my clit. I gasp and he pinches it. Now I don’t know about y’all but I’ve never had my clit pinched, and I kinda like that shit. It’s literally pleasure and pain mixed together and I find myself wanting more.

The doors open and he continues to play with me as we walk onto the train. ‘I told you not make a sound. Next time it’ll be more pain than pleasure.” What the fuck does that mean? My brain and body are once again conflicted and as the doors start to close my brain is screaming “RUN BITCH RUN.” My body doesn’t agree and I allow HIM to pull me into the space reserved for people in wheelchairs on the train. This entire time he has kept his finger on me, rubbing my clit while alternating the amount of pressure he applies. I want to scream, moan, take a deep breath, something, but I remember HIS threat so I bury that urge.

“Good girl. I knew you could keep quiet. I’m going to fuck you now and you will remain silent. When I’m done you are to take the train back to Brookhaven and go home. Is that clear?” I nod my head yes and I suddenly feel HIS dick at my entrance. You ever been getting ready to fuck someone, and the moment right before you connect your pussy starts to flood? That’s’ happening to me right now, I feel my juice dripping down my thigh and all of sudden HE’s filling me. I gasp, because my GAWD this feels so fucking good. HE starts to pull out slowly, and it’s torcher because I have to stay silent. HE pulls out and just as quickly thrusts HIMSELF back in. The pace HE’s set is slow and steady, HE is in full control and I am at his mercy. I’m so fucking wet it’s a miracle he hasn’t slipped right out of me. HE increases HIS pace and I can feel that vein throbbing. “I hope you’re ready baby girl, I’m about to cum.” I’ve never been more ready in my life, and I clamp down on his dick. My pussy has HIM in a vice grip and a few seconds later we come together.

HE chuckles in my ear, as I feel him cleaning me up with a wet wipe. I’m too exhausted to think about where the fuck he got a damn wipe from, but I’m grateful. HE pulls my skirt down, slaps my ass and starts to head towards the door. “Go straight home baby girl. I’ll be calling you soon,” and with that HE gets off the train and walks away. I’m staring at his back; still trying to catch my breath and come to terms with the fact that I just fucked this man, well got fucked by this man, on a train. I slink into the corner and ride all the way back to Brookhaven. What the fuck have I gotten myself into?

Present Day

HIM: Baby girl.

Me: Yes.

HIM: excuse me?

Me: Yes sir.

HIM: Better. Are you wet?

Me: I’m always wet for you sir.

HIM: Good girl. Have you been touching yourself?

Me: I only touch myself when I have your permission sir.

HIM: Good girl.

Me: Thank you sir.

“Baby you here?” I put my phone down and look up just as my fiancé walks in. “Hey baby, I missed you today.” I get up and walk to him, throwing my arms around his neck. “I missed you too.”

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