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House Cleaning - a poem

House Cleaning - a poem

Imagine for a second

Having to scrub your house clean

Wiping away years of sludge grime and dirt alike

Scrubbing the walls with fervor

Hoping to once again breathe life into your desolate domicile

Up to your neck in dated junk

Lumps form in your throat as you sift through some of your old artifacts

Truly disgusted that you lived this way

But you scrub

Scrub with the hopes to clean

Scrub to provide a better environment

With tears in your eyes and hope in your heart

You scrub to wipe away the pain and suffering this house for so long represented

Pain and suffering aside

You love this house

It's grandiose and elegance

It's pearly glow and dominant stature

Which is why you're investing a profuse amount of energy into restoring the place you're so proud to call home

Proud through the broken windows

Proud even though the land you stand on threatens to crumble beneath your feet

Your work carries on

Slowly but surely yours efforts are playing off

What was once overrun with dirt and sludge…

Now boasts a pristine shine

Grace has returned into your home

All the bumps and bruises seem all the more worth it as you gaze at your masterpiece

On your way out the door with your Head held high

You notice an orange smudge on the walls

Wet Handprints displaced in random spots as if a child dipped his hands in paint

And ran wild through the halls

The lumps return

Horror and pity converge

Swallowing you whole

Disappointed and against your better judgment it's decided you must leave

The stains of a new owner

Almost certain to wreck your restoration

Cleaning supplies in hand you reach for the door

And the knob leaves a greasy residue on your hand

Don't fret

Wipe your hands and be proud

You've done a great job

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