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The App You Didn't Know You NEEDED: Houseparty

The App You Didn't Know You NEEDED: Houseparty

This past weekend, one of my friends put me on to a new app, and it’s a game changer: Houseparty, available on android and iOS.

Houseparty combines some of the better features of FaceTime, Periscope, and ooVoo. The way Houseparty works is that you open the app and you can either join a room, wave at a friend to tell them to jump online because you want to chat, or just click “here” and let everybody know that you’re online. There are things Houseparty has gotten right, and things it’s gotten wrong.

What it got right:

·      The app interface is seamless and easy to use, very clean and straightforward.

·      The ability to add a friend directly from the chat room is also very smooth, and a good feature because sometimes you’re lazy or don’t have somebody in your contacts or whatever.

·      The ability to lock a room so that other people can’t join is also a brilliant idea, because sometimes you get the right group going and you just want to keep out the weirdos, we all know a few.

What it got wrong:

·      The inability to toss people from the room. The chat definitely needs to have somebody listed as an admin, perhaps the first person in the room, because sometimes you just have to toss somebody because they have no business being there, I’m looking right at you Moe…

·      The inability to mute notifications for a set period of time, a la WhatsApp, is another feature that is very much missing. Notifications from this app are plentiful, as they have to be for it to work properly, but sometimes you just know that you won’t be on for a while and you shouldn’t have to manually turn off notifications just to get away from them for a bit.

·      Efficiency. While I will definitely give it a pass because it’s still new, it definitely needs to be refined. It is a data hog, as expected, but it is the way that it drains battery that is most disappointing. I have faith that this will be improved in later versions, hopefully.

Honestly, I definitely recommend giving this app a chance, it’s a good time and when it’s really buzzing, it lives up to its name. Check it out for yourself and see how it goes.

Add me on Houseparty: KingSan7

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/Houseparty-group-video-chat/id1065781769?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.herzick.Houseparty

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