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I Could - a poem

I Could - a poem

I could heal you

I could stay, here

Forever, with you

I could rest my head on your shoulder, my hand

On your chest, count your

Heartbeats, inhale your fears;

Exhale until


Catch your breath, until you’ve rested

I could

Yell at God, tell Her you

Need a little more time, I could

Wrestle with God, until He agrees to just 

A little more time, remind Source 

You're worth it, I could 

Keep time while you, steal time

While you

Chase your dreams, I could

Jump for you, Fall for you---I could 

Fly for you, float with you, trip over you

I could

Drive the

Getaway car, as you 

Till the ground, as you

Take what's ours, I could

Prepare the seed, I could

Ride it out, I could

Be the reason, I could

Fan the flame, I could

Fight for you, as you

Find your way, I could

Spend the night, I could

Wrestle your demons, I could

Talk to angels, I could

Articulate the reasons, you are

All I want, you are

All I need, I talk to God---I

Give Her the reasons why, I could

Stay with you, I could 

Stay with you---trade my salvation for

Another morning with you, I could

Fall in love or I could

Choose to be it, I could

Launch you into the universe

Teach you to fly, I could 

Manifest your visions, I could

Be your stars

I could---give you the sky, I could

Walk a little slower so you 

Could catch up, I could

Turn my gaze to you, you

Could feel connected to me, connected to you 

I could

Explore your frequency, pull you higher

Until you’re able to wade through my dreams, I Could

Give you access to my reserve, access to my love

I could

Pour out my oil, make room for 

Your burdens, I could 

Wrap my hands around your roots, uncover your wounds, unearth them on purpose, I 

Could heal you but 

 Please, don’t let me. 

Director's Vision: F. Gary Gray

Director's Vision: F. Gary Gray

Photo Series: 92 Bricks - 66th Brick

Photo Series: 92 Bricks - 66th Brick