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Idols Become Human

Idols Become Human

“And when a nigga go, as the old adage go, you die rich & you die disgraced, so just let me grow…” – Jay-Z

The more goals I reach, the more I understand what it takes to become an idol, which in turn helps me understand my idols better. It's an amazing feeling to be able to pay homage & show respect to someone or something that’s inspired you to become you…IF you've actually created something from nothing. But look around, everything is "inspired by," when in actuality it's just piggybacking. For example, the title of this scribe was inspired by one of my favorite rap songs of 2017, Idols Become Rivals, but what you're about to read has nothing to do with the song. Officer William Roberts' song inspired me to think of my idols, and how much I can relate to their come up cuz I'm currently climbing to another level.

I'm very uninspired by society as a whole because everyone is just a carbon copy of something I've seen & experienced 500 times already. I usually see people as spokes on a wheel, but present-day society is filled with hubcaps, and cheap imitations that are not talented but simply willing to compromise themselves to be part of the wheel.

Everyone is sitting around on their ass waiting for other people to make a move so they can "create" content based on it. To me, that’s content commentary because what the fuck is so “creative” about waiting around for something to happen & comment on it? Society is at such a creative standstill that the people who interview talent are being interviewed as if they're the talent. Get the fuck out my face, matter of fact...I'll leave because there's too many of these clones & nonsensical "influencers" that it'll be much easier for me to take my energy elsewhere. 

What exactly have these "influencers" ever created that has ACTUALLY influenced or inspired anybody? Do people know what influence means? Society has popularity confused with influence. Popularity is attention, which fades. Influence is inspiration, which lasts a lifetime. Popularity is manipulating society to believe it should become like you. Influence is inspiring society to become their dreams. 

Jay-Z & Martin Lawrence are my idols, but I don't want to become Jay-Z or Martin, and I can guarantee Jay-Z & Martin don't want me to become Jay-Z or Martin. Influence can be popular; popularity cannot be influence. 

Open your empty hands...can you create with what's in them? Give a person a doorknob & see what they’ll do with it. They'll ask for the key, they'll try to pick the lock & of course they'll try to turn the knob. Give me a doorknob & I'm going to kick the fucking door down. My scenario didn't mention a door, but I think further than I can see, and that's the difference between idols and the rest of society.

Expressing my frustrations with the lack of creativity is not a complaint because I’m actually doing something about it, not just talking. My point in all of this is fuck how things look, what is the ACTUALITY? I’ve never been a hater, and never ever will I knock the hustle, but what I knock is the message from false prophets that are leading the next generation astray. What will the next generation aspire to become if all we have are fleeting “influencers” who couldn’t conjure up an original idea or thought if their life depended on it? This frustrates me to no end because instead of steel sharpening steel, these “influencers” & others have dulled all the shine from ACTUAL creatives.

I’m all for self-empowerment & believing your hype before you have the opportunity to prove it, but when will anyone ACTUALLY prove it? Potential isn’t legendary, groupthink isn’t what icons are made of, and following “protocol” will not break the mold. You do not become an idol by asking for permission!

Think about the people you idolize. A common theme among them is originality, and the guts to say, “Fuck you! I do what I want, how I want, when I want, and you can kiss my ass if you try to tell me otherwise.” Everybody loves to tell you how things should be done, but either never did it, aren’t doing it on a level that you care to be inspired by or don’t have the range. People project, myself included, and tend to compare where they cannot compete because if they were creative & an idol they’d understand the only competition that exists is that of themselves vs. who they used to be & who they want to become. “Influencers” are running rat races because they are bottom feeders who couldn’t create an opportunity for themselves; don’t be a rat.

The more energy I exert, the higher I climb, the harder I try, the more I fail and/or succeed, the more I relate to the struggles of my idols. Look at the photo that accompanies this scribe, while most people see Diddy & Hov, I see 2 Black men who understand each other’s struggles. I have friends who I cannot relate to in the least bit, and that is not an indictment on them, but rather an indicator we want different things out of life. So on the come up, I might start being around people who aren’t my “day 1’s” because the people I encounter are on the same wave as me.

I have been severely lacking inspiration, not to be confused with motivation. I’m super motivated & work 50 times harder than everyone I know, and complain 100 times less. But just as I’m ready to force myself to be my own inspiration, Jay-Z announces a new album, 4:44, Diddy releases a documentary, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, and the 4th season of Power, executive produced & co-starring 50 Cent premieres. And I’m learning & understanding what it took for them to get there. My idols are human to me because I relate to them more now than I ever have in my life.

Lastly, to all my brothers AND sisters, please be mindful of your health. We’re young, and need to stay healthy so we can become idols. 

R.I.P. Prodigy

"I got you stuck off the realness..."


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