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Haiti: If We Don't, Who Will?

Haiti: If We Don't, Who Will?

It’s 1992 and the plane has landed on the Port-au-Price runway in Haiti, where we exit the plane through its doors and down the stairs as the hot Caribbean sun pierces our faces. “Bienvenue d’Ayiti” says the flight attendant as I take my first steps in the country both of my parents were born and raised in before coming to America.

I’ve been to Haiti a handful of times; all very vivid, pleasant experiences. The land is beautiful, surrounded by perfectly blue oceans. The people of Haiti take pride in their culture and their amazing food. Haiti is mostly known in world history classes for leading the largest and most successful slave revolution in 1804. But then the lessons usually stop there and the country isn’t mentioned unless something along the lines of “sugarcane” comes along.

In the past decade, Haiti has been through A LOT to say the least; to the point Haitians ask “what did we do to deserve this?” A plethora of deadly natural disasters have struck the island, and it seems that every time we get a chance to rebuild, another incident strikes. From the 2010 7.0 magnitude earthquake, which leveled a majority of Haiti, to the recent Hurricane Matthew. The physical state of Haiti been affected as well as the mentality, people have been gravely challenged. Signs of hope in Haiti repeatedly diminishing as these acts of God overwhelm the island. But with all of these things, there is still that string of hope.

Hurricane Matthew destroyed homes, schools and businesses with its ravaging winds and deadly floods leaving millions homeless. In its wake, Matthew also wiped out hundreds of acres of livestock and farmland making access to food a rare commodity. If this doesn't sound bad enough, the inaccessibility of clean water also caused a deadly cholera outbreak.

I want to throw this event because I feel that it’s the least I can do for the people affected in my homeland. With my network, it’s something I can easily accomplish, and I felt that it was only right that I called my peers to action to do something. The great thing about millennials is that we can easily band together and find people who are willing to support over these social media platforms, which can be used for good and with the influence I have, I know that this event can raise awareness and some funds to help. Even if a small amount, it can help because essentially, If We Don’t, Who Will? We need to do the most that we can with the tools that we have.

The organizations that we are supporting are both legitimate, as that has also been a topic of concern: donation funds are disappearing and not going to the right places when we give to some of the larger mainstream organizations. I want our efforts to be maximized to the fullest, and I’m looking forward to seeing the turnout at Hudson Terrace TONIGHT, November 4th. It will be a party for a purpose! And all funds and food collected will be going to the Haitian American Caucus and Heirs of Salvation.

Additional information about the effects of Hurricane Matthew and the organizations we’re donating to can all be found on the event page: IfWeDontWhoWill.splashthat.com We also encourage those who cannot attend and want to donate, to donate directly to these organizations.

Numbers & Facts:

The American Red Cross along with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation stole close to $500,000,000 in relief funds from Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. In fact, the Clintons have been predators of our land for over 2 decades. These parties claimed to have spent about 5% of all funds to build 700+ homes in Haiti; the FACT is they built 6. SIX. These same parties claim they spent most of the $500,000,000 on building 100,000 shelters: the FACT is they built less than 500. The Clinton Foundation purchased land at the lowest rates, not to rebuild but to steal resources from Haiti.

The Cholera Outbreak from the earthquake of 2010 was never contained. If the relief funds reached Haiti...lives could have been saved. The 2010 Haiti earthquake facts: 225,000+ deaths. 300,000+ injuries. 1,500,000+ displaced. The subsequent Cholera Outbreak from the 2010 Haiti earthquake facts: 9,000+ deaths. 700,000+ infected. Three-quarters of Haitians live on less than $2 a day and half of the population earns less than $1 a day. 4.9 million Haitians were facing food insecurity, and among them more than 2.6 million were severely food-insecure. Meaning our people don’t know where their next meal is coming from! 894,000 of the 2.1 million people affected by the hurricane are children. 150,000 displaced people are living in 204 temporary shelters in the affected areas. In which these “shelters” are essentially tents with Haitians sleeping on the ground next to each other. Nearly 3,500 suspected cholera cases have been reported since the time of the hurricane.

13.5 BILLION dollars were raised after the 2010 earthquake. 94% of these funds went to private contractors aka friends of Clinton NOT Haiti. These parties are what we call “predatory capitalists.” Think ambulance chasers of billions. So while Red Cross & the Clinton Foundation cashed in on the 2010 earthquake, about 6% of $13.5 BILLION made it to Haiti; that’s roughly $800 million. With these predatory capitalists stealing over 12 BILLION dollars of the relief funds, they essentially left crumbs to fix Haiti. If Haiti received at least 50% of the 13.5 BILLION in relief funds from 2010, over 800 lives could have been saved in this 2016 hurricane.

A LOT of the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew could have been avoided if these entities didn’t team up to steal from our beautiful country. 

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