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The Vault: I'm Fine

The Vault: I'm Fine


I’m all right with you

It is

All right with you

Been listening to your favorite song

Trying to recreate vibes with you

You’re moving on

And I’m happy

For you but can she

Whisper to your heart

Without speaking

To you

The way that i do

The way you're so comfortable

The way i can tell

What you're thinking

The way I

Can answer without speaking

The way i pray over you

When you're sleeping

The way i steal the pain from the wounds still healing

The way i make you nervous

The way you love me on purpose

But you didn't notice until i was gone


It’s cool you know

Nothing like life with you, you know

It’s different not being cosmically connected and bound in Every essence with


You know

I’m finally finding a groove

In this bed we've made

To sleep separate in

While all is well

I appreciate you checking in

I’m fine don't think I’m not

But your senses are still keen

Your ability to be there when I’m in need

Is a real thing

I wonder when if the cords are still intertwined

Because it seems whenever you're in your feelings

I enter mine

I think they're signs

Or omens maybe

Thinking of coulda would've should'ves

Almost drove me crazy

But I’m fine and i moved on

Even though my soul no longer receives the whispers

From the prayers in your mind that would relieve and lift us

I’m fine i think I’m fine I’m ok


I’m fine

I think


I’m not fine


Not ok

Everything is…


Without you


I’m fine



I’m fine

I’m ok

Legends: Martin Lawrence & Chris Tucker

Legends: Martin Lawrence & Chris Tucker

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