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Indy Shindy: Week 1 vs. Lions

Indy Shindy: Week 1 vs. Lions

Colts defense blows late come back effort by Andrew Luck.

The Indianapolis Colts lost their regular season opener to the Detroit Lions 39-35 on Sunday, but it was high entertaining contest with loads of good offense and plenty of bad defense.

Here Are My Takeaways

The Positives:

1. Andrew Luck is clearly healthy and played outstanding. A great thing I noticed was that the offensive line which has been highly suspect the past few seasons (Leading to multiple injuries of the franchise QB and a major amount of sacks). Played very well. Luck had time to go through his progressions, make the right reads and get the ball to the guys in spots where they could be effective. His chemistry with the TE’s continued, Dwayne Allen and Jack Doyle were key in sunday’s gameplan. As usual Luck spread the ball around to the plethora of weapons he has on the field. Luck threw for nearly 400 yards and 4 TD’s.

2. The running game did ok shockingly. The colts combined attack gained 82 yards on 19 carries. Thats 4.2 YPC. And while that isn’t amazing. its enough to keep defenses honest enough for the passing game which is the teams bread and butter to be deadly.

3. The multiple wide out sets are the best formation for the offense. Hilton, Dorsett and Moncrief played a majority of the snaps and were majorly effective.

4. Adam Vinatieri the ageless one is still automatic.

The Negatives:

1. The defense. It was putrid. Missed tackles, no pass rush, horrible coverage. Matthew Stafford looked like the second coming of Joe Montana. Granted a majority of the key position players on that side of the ball were hurt (or got hurt at some point during the game). The starters who were healthy and available did nothing.

2. Chuck Pagano. A weird timeout, and deciding to kick the ball deep after Luck took the lead late in the game instead of squibbing it to kill some clock. Add on another slow start and as much as I root for this guy for obvious reasons, it starts to get old at some point. Again he isn’t the reason we lost the game that's still on the defense, but he didn’t remedy the situation in the best way in my opinion.

The Colts travel to Denver next week to face a Broncos team who just won their super bowl re match in week 1 against the Panthers. The defense this team will see on Sunday will be far stouter and is elite, so it should be a good test early to see how explosive this offense can be.

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