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My Interpretation: Drug Dealers Anonymous - Pusha T feat. Jay Z

My Interpretation: Drug Dealers Anonymous - Pusha T feat. Jay Z

The best lyricists usually leave their lines up to be interpreted by the people. I like to close my eyes and watch these movies play out in my head as if it's on film. Pusha and Hov on a track is like watching a documentary about the ones who made it out of the jungle unscathed. I've selected a few scenes from this movie to break down from my point of view. Silence your phones and enjoy.

"Drug dealers anonymous, how many Madonnas can that Mazda fit? My brick talk is more than obvious, it's ominous."

 Here he basically addresses those who say 'ok he's talking coke again, what else?' Like, yea you probably expected it given his history and the song title; but more than that you BELIEVE it. Who gets tired of hearing the truth? Point! Pusha.

"Life's a bitch. A to Z on her shoe collection...take your pick."

This is one of those lines that show you how much of a student of the game Pusha is and I love it. Great play on AZ & the "Life's A Bitch" verse. I got a "can't live with her, can't live without pleasing her so I do what's necessary to live this life." feeling with that line. MEAN.

The standout moment from this verse is the way he ended it:

 "Let he without sin cast the first stone. So I built that all glass quad level first home. Shatter all of your misconceptions; hold all of the missing weapons. You thought I would miss my blessing, the ultimate misdirection."

This is heavy. He says none of you can judge me because you've all sinned in different ways, so now witness my transparency and know you can't stop it. I took this as a "fuck you" to those who thought they were watching him throw his life away with certain decisions.

The verse from Hov was special. This is Jigga with the platinum chain and all white Air Force Ones, durag cape out. This is Jigga Man in the Benz. A navy blue Rocawear velour is appearing on me just talking about it. It starts out with the now infamous "your husband was a drug dealer. For 14 years he sold crack cocaine" quote from a young lady who shall remain nameless...and then it happens...

 "Frederico Fellini in the flesh, Sergio Tacchini inside his mesh."

Ironically, Frederico Fellini is one of the most influential filmmakers of all time and I said this track feels like a movie. Tacchini clothing is often associated with a certain 'lifestyle' in hip-hop, perfect introduction to that TALK.

"I told em pull the Royce up. I'm gettin ghost, I'm hearing noises; I think it's the boys, but I been banking at Deutsche."

The play on Rolls Royce Phantom with "ghost" goes into how he's hearing noises, feeling haunted by "the boys" = FEDS watching. Then, how I see it, he pauses before he sits down to remind himself how clean he moves his money and brushes off the notion of being tailed.

"Cases we buried some, before Reasonable Doubt dropped; the jewelry/jury hung"

Reasonable Doubt was his first album, also a term used in court when talking about leaving no doubt to convict in trial. The "jewelry/jury hung" part means he was rich before rap, also ties into the court theme where the jury can't reach a verdict after extended deliberation. So before there was even an eyebrow raised about whether or not he was guilty/rich, the jury/jewelry already hung to remove all doubt.

I absolutely love this song. What I appreciate most is the fact that Jay and King Push still care about not taking a bar off. The fans who care about substance still exist. It's refreshing to see our heroes reminding us of why we revere them to begin with. I implore you to digest this masterpiece for yourself.

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